10 Most Popular Homes on Dezainn in Year 2018

As one year comes to an end and we usher into 2019, Dezainn takes a look back on the many exemplary and exceptional homes that we’ve had the pleasure of sharing with you in 2018.

We’ve gone through different flavours, ranging from subtle, authentic Scandinavian beauties to lavish, contemporary abodes, elegant masterpieces and more. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane with 10 of the most popular homes featured on our platform throughout 2018.

With a clean, sharp look and intriguing elements, this home remains one of the most impressive neutral coloured and white combination interiors to date. Leveraging on symmetry, simplicity and space, this stunning abode by M Atelier celebrates bright tones, well-applied textures and unique focal points as well as design components that gel wonderfully together. With minimalist layouts (evident in sections of the home like the kitchen), functionality and a decluttered look are brought to the forefront. Focal points are clear and direct such as the blue hexagon shaped cushion seat laid out in the centre of the bedroom and unique items of interest that hang from the walls of the living room, indicating a level of creative playfulness that’s deliberate and distinctive. Each segment of the house has been instilled with its very own sense of personality through a diverse range of furniture, lighting techniques as well as material selection.

Moving on to the far reaches of the neutral spectrum, this home created by Neu Konceptz has been empowered with bold, dark colours and a design that is quiet yet undeniably compelling. An expert play on lighting exhibits masterful control of volume throughout the home, brightening up sections that require functionality and dimming rooms that demand more tranquillity. With space and perspective taken into consideration, storage compartments have been included in clever ways while every corner is utilised for its own varied purpose. Focal points are merged into the layout of the home, including dark slender rows of ceiling lights right above the dining table in the living room and pockets in the accent wall behind the television set that acts as placements for picture frames. Every material used and every thought process involved in the incorporation of elements are in-line with the cool, stylish, consistent and impeccable theme of the interior.

Designed by Aiden-T, this astounding abode strikes a wonderful balance between deep sophistication and cosiness – an inspiration for homeowners looking to retain the aspect of warmth in their interiors. Incorporating elements from Scandinavian as well as contemporary style, combinations of neutral colours are mixed in with great lighting placements and a diverse range of shapes found in the furniture and focal points. A white bare-brick wall is built into one corner of the living room as a TV feature wall while a beautifully constructed marble dining table is coupled with bronze ceiling lights and a light-brown bench to create two contrasting sub-themes that revel in diversity and creativity. The appearance of precisely placed flora and potted plants help craft a more inviting overall look and feel.

This colossal and incredibly grandiose interior by Posh Home has managed to invigorate the structure of its foundation. Design techniques used here establish a posh and grand theme with clever spatial planning playing a big role. A liberating sense of breathability can be found throughout the many sections of the home with emphasis on aesthetics done through the use of lighting that displays an appearance of precision as well as fairly extensive use of glass. In addition to elements of interest that display long breaks between each other, the use of furniture is consistent with the theme of the home and a visibly minimalist look stands as an essential design mechanism that brings the whole home together. Raw colours, fascinating focal points based on smooth shapes and the powerful implementation of textures on the walls and flooring all make for an inspiring, notable living space.

This breathtaking abode brings recognisable elements that can be found in many design styles and imbues them with its own incredible twist. The result? A classic interior with a modern identity. Fuse Concept used beautifully patterned rugs, unique lighting and the graceful segregation of colours and textures to unify the entire interior theme. The biggest focal point here is the magnificent chandelier that hangs above the dining table and other areas of the home include features that illustrate excellence in design through textural depth, furniture choices and the use of transitional flooring.

There probably aren’t too many homes out there that are able to match the sophisticated features found in this elegant home designed by Minimology. This interior is segregated into an outer shell which is opulent and contemporary while the inner layer is fresh, unpredictable and playful. Wood textured and accent walls make up the main sections of the home and are coupled with pearl white marble surfaces. Two uniquely-shaped ceiling lights hang above the dining table and the kitchen has dim glowing lights with a focus on functionality. Vibrant colours, surreal art and vivid flora are incorporated into the living area which dazzles with a unique combination of themes.

Modern luxury lives here. With consistent elements built into the foundation of this interior’s design, lavish layouts make for an enticing and totally unique approach. Mr Shopper Studio leveraged on colours that contrasted throughout the home while incorporating deep tones that work together. Dark blacks, followed by bright whites can be found established between varying degrees of brown wood and neutral tones. As this contrast effect fades away from the bedrooms of the home, things take on a separate, more tranquil turn.

Red and delightful, this space by Free Space Intent is bold in its choice of colour. An interior imbued with charisma and unadulterated power, its apparent fusion of traditional as well as modern stylistic elements is heightened by the red glow which emanates from the lighting found in the living room and wraps itself around surrounding components throughout the main sections. Intriguing focal points, such as various works of art set against the walls and window sills that appear to be from a different era seal this abode further into its own realm of originality.

This beauty relishes in the best parts of the Scandinavian and minimalist styles while extracting fragments of the contemporary look and making a simple yet stunning statement. ArtMuse designed an interior that embraces its identity with superb confidence. Potted plants on table surfaces and nature-infused artwork printed on couch pillows adds an organic touch. Neutrality can be found throughout the entire home where the furniture used are consistent in colour and texture. Art is also an integral yet subtle segment in the overriding theme of the home and features quaint type-based visual points in the form of picture frames and accessories.

Angles can be powerful tools when you attempt to establish a solid design. This oasis by D’Marvel Scale is a prime example of how this can be done with clever planning and skills. From the seemingly elongated corridor to the clever placement of a single glass pane to divide the living and dining sections of the home, this marvellous depiction of strong contemporary design can inspired people to start thinking of cleaner, more subtle ways to emphasise integral aspects of every home.

An understanding of where the future will take us can be gleaned from an understanding of history and as we await another year of gems, we find inspiration from the work we’ve been privileged enough to partake in. So, what great interiors are in store for us in 2019? Wait for our next update as we continue our journey into the wonderful world of interiors that inspire!

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