3 Eclectic Homes You Can’t Afford to Miss

You may have seen rooms that marry old and new, antique and contemporary, serious and playful. These are prime examples of the eclectic approach. We must, however, be careful not to confuse a beautifully eclectic space with one that is merely haphazard and chaotic (with no unifying themes). There’s a fine line that can be trickier to spot that you think.

If you are slightly intimidated by the eclectic approach and feel that it’s unattainable and too complicated to pull off, bear in mind that you probably don’t need an impeccable sense of personal style or years of undisputed experience to make this approach work for you. With just an open-mind and a willingness to experiment creatively, you can be well on your way to achieving the desired effect.

Why not learn from those that have already successfully designed eclectic interiors? Here are three quick tours for some insights into how you can create a sophisticated and totally unique eclectic home.

A clean, seamless design

Here’s a great example of a consolidated interior by Fuse Concept that emphasizes clean distribution of colours and textures while staying true to a wonderfully eclectic foundation. Go back in time and fill your living room with an assortment of furniture that echoes in the 1970s (such as a blue sofa or orange chair and a petite, wooden television set).

If you’re a fan of contemporary, retro, Scandinavian and minimalist styles, why not take your favorite elements from each of them and create a range that ultimately translates into a beautiful interior that defies definition?

Spice things up with sections that lean towards the contemporary flow by adding uniquely shaped lighting fixtures or lamps that create breaks between the different styles. Ferns and other large, green potted plants can also make plain areas appear more serene and sophisticated.

Focus on symmetry. Combine textures and you can make the pantry seem more coordinated and also get that cohesive look that carries on throughout the home without being  too monotonous. Transitional flooring can also be applied using different tiling options to separate distinct spaces in an open-concept layout.

Where bold and lavish contrasts meet

Proving that eclectic can also mean unmistakably classy, akiHAUS utilized sharp contrasts and soothing colours to create an almost surreal design that transports you to a futuristic world in this interior.

Pitting ashy black walls against marble grey floors, the living area embodies a vivid charm with large gaps and plenty of space between the wooden dining table and the sofa set. Elements are scattered in small groups throughout the home. Here, you can find rows of baby pictures that capture the viewer’s eye. Concurrently, focal points are emphasized upon by surrounding brightly coloured furniture pieces with a black backdrop.

If eclectic elegance is what you’re going for, consider utilizing color to bring objects or furniture to the forefront. Similarly, art that complements the look and feel of the space can be placed on portions of the wall that aren’t too disruptive.

Compared to the communal area, the kitchen takes on a more muted palette with clean lines and a modern touch to it. With cabinetry installed across the existing walls, there is sufficient storage for the family, coupled with a functional island top and bar counter that connects to living space.

The private sanctuary appears to transition the space into a completely new realm, incorporating unconventional smooth wood textures that run along the walls and cover the ceilings, a C-shape clove alike to a Japanese Tatami style. Tiny plants and hidden storage compartments add a wonderful layer to the theme.

The kid’s bedroom is adorned in the similar design of Tatami wood elements that act as hidden wardrobes as well.

Don’t forget to give each part of the home its own distinct vibe. By playing with textures and the placement of furniture sets, you can embrace diversity as long as it isn’t too confusing and there are subtle boundaries that separate one theme from another.

A glowing, eclectic ensemble

Warm, pleasantly unpredictable and innovative in a holistic way by Prozfile. Here, a brazen combination of textures takes the form of smooth wood flooring, hints of steel and hard surfaces. 

Consider placing warm glowing lights to highlight and accentuate interesting elements. Golden animal heads, antique figurines, ornaments, and plush dolls can all come in handy when constructing a quirky yet compelling section.

Art can be a powerful way to blend the old and new. Contemporary pieces such as modern art picture frames mixed in with traditional works can really set things up for a brilliantly eclectic layout.

Boldness can also play a prominent role in achieving that raw eclectic vibe. Don’t be afraid to act on a vision that might seem unconventional. If the owner of this home is daring enough to place the door of a shipping container in the middle of the living room, (and make it work) you really don’t have to worry about overdoing it. Prozfile also made a statement through unity in diversity and dazzling it with intricate lighting fixtures like a geometrically erratic chandelier that hangs directly above the dining table.

The interior designer made use of glass wall partitions between the living room and the heart of the home. It gives the illusion of a bigger space and ensures that both spaces are well connected with the see through material.

Taking on a funky vibe, the master bedroom is enclose with warm woody elements with subtle blue stripes across to add a visual punch. A lighted lightning bolt makes up an interesting design feature to complement the eclectic style of the interior.

One of the greatest things about opting for an eclectic home is that you can consider going all out with your ideas. As long as they are in line with the rest of the abode (and good sense), the opportunities for decor and design are plentiful. 

As these homes show, eclectic interiors can be achieved in more ways than one. Play with contrasts and be bold in your choices. Unity in diversity, symmetry and being unpredictable can all work in your favour when you make a conscious effort to make your approach eclectic and not haphazard (there is a difference).

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