3 Scandinavian Homes You Can’t Afford To Miss

The Scandinavian interior has been taking the world by storm and has caught on amongst design-savvy Asian nations like Singapore. Characterized by a sense of straightforward execution and composed functionality, the Scandinavian interior (done well) can be a joy to behold. This northern European style has built a reputation for being at the pinnacle of progressive design.

There a lot more to creating an ideal Scandinavian home than just IKEA. Relying on precise functionality, consistent warmth and a general connection to nature, this interior style can be complex in its measured simplicity. Its appeal stems from a variety of factors, yet its implementation is diverse and ripe with opportunities to stand out. For a look and feel that seems so specific, Scandinavian interiors really do give designers freedom with a range of options that aren’t too restrictive.

Here are 3 quick tours of homes that have successfully achieved creative, unique and unmistakable Scandinavian signatures, as well as some of the more prominent components that make the Nordic style of interior design so engaging.

The chic Scandinavian dream home

Here’s a look at a classic example of the Scandinavian style in action by Mr Shopper Studio. Spanning over a renovation period of 8 weeks, bright white foregrounds intermingle with light-wood textures as flooring and intricate centerpieces come together to form a well-balanced and confident interior. Through consistent color palettes and playing with a full spectrum of neutral tones, you can achieve this aesthetic in your own home. Bring a slight hyper-modern edge to the whole ensemble by including a chic bird-cage coffee table, text-based pillow casings for the sofa or minimalist picture frames.

With an open layout concept, dining furniture is also placed in the same communal area, making the home look much bigger and airy. Hues of white, light wood and grey are dominant here, tying in with the entire theme. Rose gold pendant lights hang low on the ceiling, creating the perfect ambience for the family to dine in or host their friends and family. 

In the bedroom, high contrasts is the hallmark of this Nordic interior. Deep dark grays between sections of calming whites bring class and relaxation to sections, establishing a dramatic, impactful statement through drawing skillful connections between opposing elements. Dark wooden flooring also constructs a clear division between the private and communal spaces.

Grainy wooden textures sprawls across the bottom of the all-white cabinets to add visual interest to the room and match the darker colour palette here. Intentional accessories like cushion covers with gradient patterns and inspirational quotes and a moody art piece oozes personality.

A shimmering ocean of white

If ever there was an exceptional all-white depiction of Scandinavian beauty, Icon Interior definitely nailed this look for this apartment in Sunset Way, Singapore. Through clever placement of white brick walls, pearl white patterned doors, and prominent carpets, a home purposefully draped in white opens up the space without being too overbearing. Specks of warm-wood textures and soothing green foliage can finalize the look. 

Organic elements such as the wooden bench-like coffee table and dining pieces complements the pale coloured interior. An orange quaint little ladder is also perched on the cabinetry setup, relishing its pop of colour under white track lights that accentuates its construction. Priding itself on having the clutter-free look, this Scandinavian home is composed of clean lines and exudes a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for a day in.

White subway tiles take the backsplash of this inviting kitchen, contrasting itself with the white and wooden cabinets. Glass sliding doors are used to separate the kitchen from the living area, while allowing natural lighting to pass through freely. 

Instead of using mainly store bought prints as home decor, the homeowners incorporated their child’s art pieces against their bedroom wall for added personalization. The bathroom is also splashed in white, a recurring colour throughout the home. Usage of wooden laminates, breaking from the monotony of whites is a clever approach to have a clean and timeless look.

Establishing a clean visage

KDOT Associates shows that an alluring, spacious and tranquil abode can be achieved in this new 3-room apartment in Singapore at a renovation cost of $80,000. This interior boasts a combination of aesthetically true Scandinavian neutrality with subtle, in-built functionality. Usage of spaces uncover unconventional breaks in between wooden furniture and angles that best complement a certain perspective. By adding a distinctive glow throughout sections with low-hanging ceiling lights and placing additional lighting behind cabinets, extra warmth is be slipped into the interior’s look and feel while storage is also turned into a part of the whole theme. 

Tiny dashes of greenery is seen at different parts of the apartment and a neutral gray throw goes on the sofa’s armrest. Beanbags and cushions sit on a far corner of the living room, giving the home a very laid-back and snug look.

Bold Blue Accents – A real Scandinavian design enthusiast could probably tell you that the favorite accent color of the style is blue. If you want to keep your home colour scheme neutral, one way to throw in splashes of blue is through home decor like cushions.

As you can see, the middle wall in the communal area has a dual function. Other than acting as a mini partition between the living area and the kitchen, it also consists of storage compartments. This well-known Scandinavian practice transforms a rather boring wall into a chic masterpiece of indent pale pink shelves, against long white laminate strips.

While it is true that minimalism plays a large part in producing an identifiably Scandinavian vibe, Minimalist color palettes are often mixed with cozy accents and striking modern furniture to strengthen the look, together with designs that play on natural light. Even with newly built, contemporary spaces, utilizing modern yet minimalist furniture can be the key to skilfully crafting this Scandinavian style interior. 

Scandinavian interiors don’t have to be complicated, in fact, you could say that they’re far from it! By following the basics of what makes the style essentially unique, you too can craft a simple, enticing and warm space that is both easy on the eyes and captivating in all the ways that Scandinavian interiors should be.

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