5 Kitchen Countertops Singaporeans Can’t Resist

When it comes to design, little subtleties can make the largest differences in style. Maybe you’ve got a bare-bones structure in your new home’s kitchen that you need to transform into an interior masterpiece or maybe you already have the makings of an elegant pantry area but you’re looking to spice things up somehow.

With the right materials and a well-designed countertop, you can easily add some zest and personality to your layout. This, however, can sometimes be a tricky and rather expensive endeavor, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

To help you choose the perfect material for your countertop and how these may be applied to your interior, here’s a breakdown of the different options that are popular in Singapore.

Icon Interior: Laminated surfaces offer a soft, contemporary character which can be an ideal addition to your kitchen or pantry area.

If you’re looking for a material that is easy to maintain, fairly durable and considerably inexpensive compared to other choices, then a laminated countertop might be just what you need. Interior Designer Kobe from KDOT Associate prefers using this material due to its slim profile and cost efficiency. 

Wood grain laminates are the most common in Singaporean kitchens. However, these laminated materials often come in varying tones and colors for you to choose from, so why not choose an interesting one to spice up your cooking area?

With that being said, laminated countertops can be a little pricey, especially if they comprise end finishing and front edges. Furthermore, if the material gets scratched or chipped, repairs may prove almost impossible to achieve and a replacement would be more practical.

KDOT Associate: Opt for a black, textured-looking countertop laminate and pair it with rose gold netted lighting to create a stylish look.

Minimology: Choose two solid surfaces of different colours for your kitchen island and main cooking area.

KDOT Associate: A clean and classy look that embodies the spirit of simplicity.

If it’s simplicity and consistency you’re after, then the plain variations of solid surfaced countertops can help instill a quintessential foundation of minimalism. Done right, this material proves that less is more. As a man-made combination of different components including bauxite, acrylic, epoxy and polyester resin, it was introduced by the American conglomerate DuPont in 1967 and is now widely used by lovers of its style. With the option of custom-made countertops in-line with your specifications offered by companies such as Avonite, Corian and Swanstone, a solid surface countertop can stand out and goes well with a kitchen that makes use of intricate details in other parts.

Due to its solid nature, scratches can be sanded out and seamless, stain resistant characteristics mean that the material can have a long lifespan. A rainbow of colors and patterns are available for solid surfaces, making it one of the most flexible options to work with design-wise.

Unfortunately, the solid countertop does not sit well with hot pans or other sources of intense heat, which can damage the surface and result in moderately expensive repairs.

Third Ave: Consider using the same material across any surfaces throughout your entire kitchen to unify the design concept.

Fuse ConceptBold, outstanding and unapologetically grand, granite provides a symbol of confidence. Use white, glossy subway tiles as your backsplash with black granite countertop to redefine the kitchen space.

Considered to be among Singapore’s most widely used material for countertops, granite has definitely garnered a reputation for elegance and beauty. It fares well against splashes, knife nicks, heat or other forms of wear and tear, all while maintaining a sleek, high-end look for your kitchen. As a natural material, this stone offers numerous patterns that can enhance the appeal of even the most modest layouts and can blend together nicely with wood-based materials.

With a range of approximately 3000 colors to choose from, as well as a permanent and substantial look to its styling, it’s no wonder granite has managed to rise up rapidly to the top of the demand list in materials for countertops. It has the 2nd highest hardness rating after diamonds and a lowering price point due to its widespread popularity.

However, this highly popular material is still pretty hefty in the cost department even if it’s slowly becoming more affordable over time. You might want to be careful about how you go about installing this material too as the stone can crack under stress if it isn’t done right.

Icon Interior: Marble with a neutral base palette is timeless and marks prestige.

Arguably celebrated as one of the most beautiful and glamorous materials out there, marble brings that distinctive twist to your arsenal, spelling out elegance through luxurious, glistening compositions.

“Marble is synonymous to luxury”, quoted from Interior Designer Ben, Mr Shopper StudioIt’s gorgeous, waterproof and heatproof. There’s a catch though. This material is extremely expensive and on top of that, if not professionally sealed, marble is very susceptible to stains and scratches.

Joey Khu: Cutting edge material that complements well with large navy blue subway tiles for a contemporary outlook.

From commercial kitchens to the workplaces of gourmet chefs, stainless steel is now entering contemporary and modern kitchen environments. It is a trend, gunning for that industrial look. It can take up to 800 degrees of heat and is virtually indestructible. It is steel after all. Would you expect any less?

If you’re keen on a custom-made countertop that gives your kitchen a distinct look, you’d do well to give this material a go.

When it comes to steel, however, frequent care is an issue, with fingerprints and smudges being easily visible. It must be wiped down on a daily basis. Even then, the sheer amount of noise from banging pots and clanging pans against its metallic surface may be enough to turn off the whole idea completely.

Icon Interior: Steel takes over the whole kitchen – from countertops to storage compartments. The industrial factory look is definitely achieved.

Choosing your countertop material is not as hard as it seems. Know the perks and downsides of the different materials available in the market so that you would not regret spending that sum of money on something that may not suit to your lifestyle habits. Also, remember to choose one that can blend seamlessly into the style of your home.

If you need help, Dezainn provides you with the best design-centric interior designers in Singapore that can help you design an aesthetic and practical kitchen all at once. Click here for a free design consultation today!



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