Artistic industrial chic at 121 Tanjong Ria

Quirky and unapologetically personalized, this 800 sq ft resale 2 room condominium capitalizes on the tactful placement of focal points, diverse sub-themes, unconventional layouts and color combinations that come together to tell a story that is uniquely its own.

The result is a brand new art form. With a very different kind of industrial design, this home at 121 Tanjong Ria, Singapore, is an example of how thinking outside the box can yield remarkable results and be applied successfully to virtually any space given the right amount of foresight.

Interior Designers at Versaform used a white base as their canvas to design this industrial chic house.

Completed in 2013, this renovation took 7 weeks and at a total cost of $75,000. The work involved in transforming this ordinary space into a piece of art included repurposing the original layout by hacking walls, retiling most of the floors, dealing with carpentry and plumbing as well as the addition of wallpaper and painted surfaces. By the end of the project, a fusion of chic modernism and intricate vintage emerged, characterizing a deeply aesthetic, original vision.

Industrial themed homes can often be said to entail deep browns or dark blacks and yet the interior designers at Versaform seem to have captured the essence of the industrial spirit through the incorporation of a pristine white base and a series of elements that suggested an intersection of themes. A sense of comfort and coziness comes together and the overall result is most pronounced in the main sections as you enter the home.

Defying definition

An extra layer of creativity exists between the unique execution of industrial design and sophisticated contrasts that can be found here. This completes the experience by capturing the personality of the entire project and invoking a sense of true ambition.

Some of the most unconventional focal points throughout this abode are composed of various dark and blue tones. An example can be found in the large living room sofa that boldly takes center stage in front of a raw backdrop of exposed bricks.

 Segmentation of the space through the creative use of dividing elements

With an underlying color scheme which remains predominantly neutral throughout, the main direction of the space is gradually broken apart and reassembled along lines that differentiate sections of the home. This (in part) imbues the layout with a distinct ability to mark, segregate and compartmentalize divisions according to the story of the project that unfolds at every corner.

Subtle vintage aesthetics can be found practically everywhere in the home, from a bicycle straight out of a by-gone era in the dining area to a faded, antique cupboard abruptly positioned between the entrance leading into the hall.

These are subtle testaments to the unpredictable yet vital narrative of this chic industrialesque concept.

A large blackboard etched in chalk as well as photos and the glass rack casually slung above the pantry counter attest a calm, laid-back demeanor.

An intriguing tangle of wires compassing lights placed above the dining table is the epitome of industrial chic and Versaform has implemented the stark utility of pieces that capture the spirit of the industrial style with deliberation while steering clear of easy definition and adhering to any standard protocols.

Beauty in function

Comprising attention to detail that can be found upon closer inspection – the application of glass windows in the dining area, the scattered patterns and the clean lines. The spotted wallpaper above the stove in the kitchen brings about a sense of liveliness and a touch of artistic flair.

The pantry dons a neutral blanket of white and black tones while marking items of interest stand out with hints of light reds or blues adorning simple towels and kettles, a concept that pays homage to the essence of industrial design and of bringing forward the beauty that resides in function.

A single, low-hanging, squared off ceiling light casts a soft glow as you doze off after a long day.

The blue colored accent wall and mattress plastered across the master bedroom blend harmoniously into smooth wooden floor tiles. Beside the bed, a dark colored wall adds character with long patterned indents and a tall mirror placed at its center with two smaller ceiling lights balance the bright blues with dark bases.

A mixture of soft and earthy tones permeates this part of the home, an even balance between coziness, elegance and thoughtful relaxation.

Let Versaform design your dream home and inject a sense of uniqueness into your space. You can view more inspirations by Versaform here.



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