The Most Beautiful Starbucks Roastery Ever

Starbucks has become somewhat of a household name. A well-known haunt for coffee lovers, its loyal customers seem to stalk its every move while the reach of its recognizable brand appears to have touched every corner of the globe. Many of us could probably spot a Starbucks a mile away. The identifiable logo and dark wood tones that surround its exterior, followed by interiors that don soft brown furnishings and comfortable lounge-like areas.

However, it seems nothing could have prepared Starbucks fans for the stunning Starbucks branch that just opened in Milan.

(All photo credits to Starbucks Reserve)

This intriguing project is a colossal masterpiece that features beautifully designed and intricate mechanical elements – a newly launched Starbucks landmark which is one of three Reserve Roasteries globally. Along with new locations in Shanghai and Seattle, these Reserve Roasteries have been set up to be more upscale versions of typical Starbucks outlets. They are typically larger, more grandiose and better-equipped to serve.

The Milan Reserve Roastery pays tribute to Italy’s thriving coffee culture, celebrating the nation’s love for bright colors and sophisticated architecture often steeped in rich history. Milan is a destination for fashion and design and the heavy usage of bronze and marble here blends in well with the location’s theme.

Brilliantly multi-layered

It would be an understatement to say that this store’s lavish interior stands out. From the sequences of patterns set in complex flooring to the equally disparate mixture of light and gray tones used on the high ceilings of the main lounging area, the essence of mid-century marvels is synethsized in this space, displaying an articulated attention-to-detail that just elicits a sense of awe and wonder.

In order to achieve a classic look and feel, Candoglia marble hand laid by local artisans has been placed in a traditional Palladiana flooring pattern, emphasizing the personal connection between the store’s ongoing theme and its deliberate effort of seamlessly falling in place within Milan’s gorgeous tradition. Located just a few streets over is Milan’s Duomo. It’s only fitting, therefore, that the marble used on the floor has been sourced from the same quarry used for the historic cathedral.

A subtle consistency can be found within its seemingly erratic design. Color schemes interplay with dispersed sections bearing unique shapes and textures. An obvious take on geometric placement can be seen throughout, especially in the stunningly complex arrangement of the ceiling’s construction, echoing the Starbucks brand’s meticulous focus to its work.

Visual precision, unwavering focus

Bright, naked lighting fixtures are distributed evenly in pairs or trios of tiny bulbs and in its entirety, the extensive Reserve Roastery spells out cosmopolitan chic with a heavy dose of cultural adeptness and sense of place. The purposeful incorporation of bronze accents and pink stone come together with the overall effect to instill warmth into the vast space. Wood accents on the fluted bar fronts borrow a hint of style from the Corinthian columns, echoing motif found in Italian architecture throughout history, and the counter is equipped with its very own hidden radiant heating system to keep things nice and cozy.

The walls of the store are largely in-line with an industrial-esque vibe that delights in gritty material and bare-knuckle textures. These are slightly more consistent with the familiar spaces that Starbucks stores are known for and yet, at the same time, they maintain a newly refined and captivating aesthetic. 

A slight hint of the surreal envelopes the space. Thin, quirky pipes stream fluidly along the store’s black beams and twirl in and out of sight. Functionality is not forgotten, however. These pipes serve a purpose and are a part of the very technical process involved in making coffee. They draw focus to a key point at the interior’s center. The roastery leads visitors on a journey into the art of coffee.

A 22-foot-tall bronze cask, where daily beans run through, stands as both a masterpiece of sculpture and an integral part of what makes this Starbucks experience extraordinary. It shows off the colossal de-gassing chamber and takes you through a delightful tour, providing insight into how real coffee is made.

Only time will tell whether Starbucks will be able to raise the bar it has set and come on top as a Milan masterpiece. The Italian locals are great lovers of coffee and fiercely loyal to their preferences and Starbucks certainly appears to have gone the extra mile, putting a fair amount of thought into making its mark here. 

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