Commonwealth Towers sets the mood with Vibrant Geometry

Who says playfulness and sophistication can’t live together in the same home? The owners of this new, modestly-sized condominium unit located in Singapore did not allow limited space to stop them from incorporating adventurous designs and unique colour schemes into their setup.

Interior design firm, Versaform, took the challenge in stride, turning this 904 sqft condo into a compelling, geometrical display of vivid colours and lavish interior. Here’s a quick look at how the talented team behind this project managed to implement some out-of-the-box ideas into this quaint home.

The power of symmetry

Geometric patterns have become increasingly popular due to their ability to accentuate a space and emphasize on focal points in a way that is unconventional, especially when it comes to soft furnishings. The same concept can be seen here as different angular forms help breathe life and character into the home.

Different tones of blue are brought to the forefront. Captivating cabinetry doors lighten things up and go against the norm (characterized by neutral tones). In addition, laminate strips have been installed in various orientations, producing geometric lines that are pointed in every direction for that visual punch.

The living room prioritizes the clean positioning of furniture and lighting fixtures in order to create as much space as possible, while maintaining the functionality of different sections of the home. The team of designers had to work around the structure of the space so as to not overburden the area with too much visual bulk. They made sure that the additions to each section did not eat too much vertical or horizontal height, keeping the overall design tight and sleek.

Alternatively, walls have been used for creative design elements. By capturing shades of blue in order to reinforce the primary colours of the home’s overall theme, adding creativity does not constrict an already limited amount of space and instead uses what is available to further strengthen the direction of the interior.

To top things off, Scandanavian elements come into the mix through furniture that compliments playful geometric designs found against the walls and flooring of the space. A Blafink sofa set and a small, wooden dining table help ensure that the living room has all it needs. The television set fits perfectly into the rest of the design, latched onto a quaint wooden installation with several small compartments at the bottom for consoles and other accessories.


The same playful approach can be seen in three brightly colored ceiling lights that hover directly above the dining table as well as a yellow typo-based focal point that hangs over the sofa and seeps into the corridor which leads to the rest of the home.

Paying attention to creative details

A clever spin on angles and perspectives is evident as soft, blue tones on the walls and the utilisation of shadows transition into a greater illusion of space and depth in the home’s corridor. Once again, geometric precision and careful consideration of colours are applied to help give the abode a more spacious look and feel.


The designs in the private rooms of the house took on different twists and capitalized on structure to produce effects that were in-line with the overall theme of the abode. The study room’s cabinetry amplified geometric patterns that combined blocks of orange, copper and black, standing out and adding a little extra to a working area that can keep its homeowners sharp and attentive for hours.


Carpentry work done in the individual rooms are well-thought out and has been well executed by the designers, despite challenges involved. The bedroom was approached from an entirely different angle, using a pastel colour palette to instill serenity in a space that is meant for rest and relaxation. This section features plenty of natural lighting against a spiralling carousel of geometric patterns with soft shades of green, pink and brown.

This interior stands as a testament to what is possible when a skillful consolidation of geometric details, vibrant colours and well-placed carpentry is achieved. If you’re looking to reinvent your small-space from a cluttered or dull-looking home into a lively, lavish and creative work-of-art, geometric shapes are definitely your go-to design elements.


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