Cozy up Your Home this Christmas

Do you want to decorate your home this Christmas? This week, we bring to you some tips coupled with visuals to inspire you for the upcoming festive season.

This guide will show you how to keep it classy on a budget and how to work with your existing furniture, such that you can spend more on getting presents for your loved ones. The aim is to make these Christmas decorations sustainable (beyond the festive season) and fun! Let’s get started.

Choose a colour theme

If you find yourself unsure of where to start from, choose a colour theme for your Christmas decoration first. You may draw inspiration from your current interior colour to give yourself a head start.

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Are your walls white? That is a great colour for a base and decor colour for a white wintry Christmas theme. Include some black details for visual contrast.

Blue, grey and purple walls work great as a base for your decor to take on moodier shades of the same hue.

Check out how this home uses royal blue curtains coupled with blue ornaments and candles to create a classy, blue Christmas look.

This home utilises different purple-red elements to craft out a highly curated Christmas setting.

Toss the tree, try some twigs

Christmas trees may be the go-to option for most Singaporean homeowners but these trees are often bulky and used only once a year. Instead of Christmas trees, why not try twigs? Place a few long twigs in a vase and hang ornaments or baubles to turn them into festive plants. 

Such a set-up will not only take up minimal space, especially for small homes in Singapore, but the ornaments can be removed after the festive season for a more rustic and organic look. 

You can also use a single big twig with many small branches if you can find one. Feel free to get creative with your choice of twig holder. For example, you can simply drill a hole in a trash can to hold your twig up as display. Try to choose ornaments that complement your wall and furniture colour like how gold or brown ornaments on this twig complement the wooden flooring and fur carpet.

For those who prefer something less conventional, why not try a bird on some leafy greens? Or you can even place your ornaments around the vase instead of on the twig itself.

Festive trinkets

If you prefer to be tree-less, you can purchase decorative items that are in your themed colours instead. Such items tend to be more versatile and useful after festive season and you can pick a style that complements the colours of your home.

Using gold as an accent against the different blue and green hues, this décor uses glasses and bottles instead of your usual decorative items.

If you pick items in neutral colours, they could be kept beyond Christmas as décor too.

Another example would be this set up that uses a wooden tray and navy blue candles which can be easily reused for other occasions.

Table setting to complement your delicious feast

What is Christmas without the feasting and parties really?

Since you are likely to be hosting guests for dinners, be sure to invest effort into decorating the dining table. You would not want family photos over the table to look lacklustre after all the hours and effort spent preparing the meal.

This set up demonstrates how you can layer your plates and use a tea towel (that complements your table cloth or set up).

Christmas vibes can be easily brought out using some pine cones and Christmas garlands as your centrepiece. Add in the candles and there, you have your White Christmas set up!

If you prefer moody colours, choose gold cutlery, complemented with linens and plates of darker hues. Clear glassware can help to balance out and add a sparkle to the overall arrangement.

You can also choose to use fancy paper plates as a cheaper alternative. This set up chose gold plates and cutlery to go with the black and white décor, adding a grand and luxe vibe to the dining set up.

Fairy lights

Hang fairy lights all over to give that extra oomph factor. You can hang the lights on the wall to form a word or the shape of a tree, or you could just dangle them to give a laidback and cosy feeling.

You can even wrap the fairy lights all over the twig display.

Feeling the Christmas vibes yet? Get shopping (for presents and décor) or put on some Christmas music to immerse yourself in this joyous occasion. We wish you a merry merry Christmas!

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