How to Create a Home Office You’ll Want to Work In

A good design is essential

A good office design is essential to productivity. Without a neat and highly functional work space, it can be hard to flow efficiently on the days you need the most. A vibrant or inspiring workspace also boosts work morale.

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However, we know it can be overwhelming with the variety of designs and possibilities out there. Let us first start with functionality as it still needs to play its role as an office or study room fundamentally.


The different needs for different jobs

Based on your profession and the kind of work you are engaged in, the kind of equipment and furniture needed differs.

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Are you planning on having work meetings at home? You would need more chairs. Are you collaborating with others on your webcam? Incorporate your brand’s ethos and aesthetics into a part of your workspace that would be visible to others.

Now that you have planned the required equipment or furniture, here are a few tips regarding office staples and how you can incorporate them in your design.


Tips on selecting lighting

Lighting is crucial since it impacts the ambience of a room. Dim or weak lighting could make a space seem more chill and relaxed, but they may also slow down productivity.

As such, we recommend you to keep your work space brightly lit. Windows are great as research has shown how natural lighting can promote health, wellbeing and productivity. If natural light is not an option, you can always purchase lamps with task lighting to brighten up your work area. Gooseneck lamps are great options due to their adjustable settings.

Project by: Hue Concept

Project by: Mong Design Studio


Tips on selecting an office chair

If you are mainly desk bound, investing in a comfortable ergonomic chair would be a wise move. Don’t risk an aching back or strained eyes after work. It would be good to have a comfortable cushion, arm rests, adjustable seat height and adjustable back rest height.

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A quick google search on “ergonomic desk set up” would bring you to assemble your desk space such that you can be comfortable working the whole day.


Tips for your office desk

Being around plants seems to improve physical and mental health. Terrariums with succulents, ivy plants or other low-sun leafy greens work great for those who tend to stress out easily. Elements of wood or muted accessories from nature could also help.

Project by: akiHAUS

Project by: Free Space Intent

Otherwise, accessories in gold, brass or silver also elevate your space instantly without being overly distracting.

Project by: Minimology

Project by: Neu Konceptz

After we have set the staples in place, most of us would barely have space for more furniture due to the limited space in this tiny red dot, Singapore. How can we make the best out of the limited space we have?


How to maximise your space

If your house is fairly small, you could consider creating an office nook. A corner in the bedroom, an attic, space underneath the staircase or even a closet can be transformed into a productive work environment with the right furniture and accessories. It doesn’t always have to be a room on its own.

Project by: Poetus

You could also use railings instead of a wall to partition out your work space. This way, you can create separation without boxing workers or yourself in. Plenty of railing options exist, such as glass half walls, contemporary bar systems and even curtains. All of which could make the office feel more spacious than it actually is.

Project by: Liid Studio

Alternatively, building horizontally upward is a great way to maximise space too. Install open shelving or build your shelves onto your wall.

Project by: Joey Khu

Project by: D’Initial Concept

Project by: Joey Khu


Brighten up any dull space

Wallpapers are making a comeback and it is not hard to understand their popularity. They are an easy way to spice up a dull space. Bold colours, patterns or geometric designs could add a pop of colour or contrast, while textured wallpapers like brick or scenery add depth to your space.

Project by: Neu Konceptz

Choose a colour that appeals to you. Purple is in trend this year but other colours like blue increases focus and yellow boosts creativity. 

Project by: Neu Konceptz

Or you could arrange your books against a black bookshelf, allowing the colours to pop.

Project by: akiHAUS

Pin inspirational quotes, family photos, goals or anything motivating on it. A vision board can remind business owners of the goals they are working towards.

Project by: Kdot Associate

Mistakes to avoid

It can be fun to incorporate different elements into your office but be careful not to be overly ambitious. Elements should not clash and patterns should be coordinated to give a theme to the room. Make it a point to not over clutter your study room because it risks wearing down your mental state. Good luck designing your home office!

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