Create a Luxurious Home from Scratch

Have you ever spent a night or two in a 5-star hotel and for a little while come back to sumptuous Egyptian cotton sheets with fluffy pillows, wondering how you’d be able to make every day at home feel this way?

While many of us may be willing to sink our hard-earned dollars into an exquisite vacation, less of us would probably stop to think that maybe an experience steeped in luxury could be a daily affair. In fact, doesn’t it make more sense to come back from an elegant getaway and continue your days in luxury instead of in a cluttered, unkempt and unappealing abode? No matter your budget, a lavish life of luxury can be yours right here, right now, in the comfort of your own home with just 4 steps.


Colour is a means of crafting a story for your home. It can be the foundation upon which you will be able to add life and character to the empty canvas of your living space. If it’s luxury you’re after, focus first and foremost on precise color choices to create a statement.

Neutrals can play an important part in establishing perspectives for your interior. You can bring certain elements to the forefront or push them back as supporting components. Calm, neutral backdrops allow you to bring out the boldness in your design that may otherwise look garish. It’s an efficient way to create a welcoming interior when mixed with warm textures like rough-hewn wooden elements, matte tiles or brushed velvets.

PIU Design: Against a white brick backdrop and generous timber flooring, a dark industrial bookcase welded  from pieces of steel plates stands as a focal point of the living area.

Maybe you’re going for more of a winter scheme? Consider leveraging on richer color choices to complement your approach. Winter hues range from dashing red and aubergine to icy blue and metallic silver. Combinations like chocolate brown tones mixed with gray is an effective way to instill warmth and richness. Similarly, a color palette of dark charcoal and aubergine in the living room or other sections can bring a deep, elegant and balanced sense of composition to your home.

KDOT Associate: Do not be afraid to pair dark colours together. Grayish-blue cabinets with dark wood laminates can give off a very cozy and homely atmosphere, yet adds depth to the space.

akiHAUS: Cover the entire floor with black marble tiles and throw in lighter hues like an off-white sofa and gray decor to balance out the deeper color.

In contrast, summer schemes should include soft colors and gentle touches to give off a resort-like vibe of luxurious comfort. Look for shades that evoke fresh air, blooming flowers and cool breezes in order to depict the warm-weather months. Jewel-toned jade green can make your home feel like a Caribbean oasis. You can also try soothing, soft blue for a rejuvenating and tranquil touch to your abode.

Aiden-T: Being one of the trendiest color this season, sage green is an excellent choice of color to make anything look more elegant, with a touch of earthiness. It goes well with copper gold elements like the pendant lights and kitchen accessories.


Add an extra layer of luxury and engage all the senses to create a truly immersive experience right inside your home. Through the skillful use of texture and material, you can properly manage how spaces play a part in the compelling stories woven by your interior.

Entice with assortments of fabrics for an extra touch of comfort and elegance. You can use velvet and silk or faux fur and sheepskin. Consider placing a piece of fabric made up of any of these textures on your living room sofa for a contemporary and cozy look. Despite what so many have been led to believe, patterned rugs don’t always cost a fortune. Try placing one in the room to mimic a designer’s touch and pick motifs that complement the rest of the interior. 

Minimology: Throw a woollen shawl of the same shade as the area rug to unify the space.

Aiden-T: Velvet furniture is a must-have in every luxurious setting. Choose deep colours like plum, midnight blue and hunter green for chicness. Remember to add other elements in the room like gold accents to balance out this heavy-looking material.

Alternatively, materials like marble, glass or oxidized metals in appropriate sections of your home can bring the luxury level up a notch. Consider using various types of wood such as hardwood, softwood as well as light and dark ones. Mixing finishes can create a more thoughtfully provocative look and bring a harmonious feel to your setup. Don’t be afraid to mix textures too (without letting any style dominate). Mixing materials in a clever way can very effectively lead to a more luxurious home.

Minimology: A see-through foyer extends the communal area, making it look more spacious.

Icon Interior: Director Wayne Chan covered the entire bathroom with white marble and incorporated black details that further accentuates the classiness of the natural stone.

Minimology: A captivating polished marble island counter sits isolated in front of the foyer of wood veneer strips.


A home without furniture is like a bird without its beak, lacking functionality and maybe even a sense of completion. Be sure to pay attention to how different furniture can match each other. Try and ensure that there’s a common element that brings each piece together seamlessly. Are you going for a modern vibe? Try a series of sharp and chic furniture sets. Are you going for that prestigious, mid-century look? If you are, make sure the most prominent furniture in your home reflects that. Large furniture can also convey a clear message of elegance and grandiosity. Designer Mark from PIU Design would add a nice and large low slung designer sofa to make any area look luxurious instantly.

akiHAUS: Brown furniture injects touches of earthiness throughout a neutral coloured base home. A dark sage arm chair becomes the focal point and ties in nicely with the green balcony – another way to bring the outdoors in!

Accent furniture may be all you need to turn your bland home into a 5-star suite. Their bold detailing and unusual aesthetics can be a perfect means for you to enhance any ambiance or style. If you want to design a passionate space, consider using proper accent furniture. Try adding an elegant side table to make an impact on your living room.

Joey Khu: An unusual looking coffee table blends in nicely with its surrounding.

Reinforce the luxurious look with statement lighting to create more opulence and let it function as a distinctive feature of your interior design. If you’re hanging a dining room chandelier, keep the surrounding walls simple to give it that wow factor or create soft pools of light with table lamps donning rich, colored fabric shades and intricate patterns.

Joey Khu: Designer Joey Khu added a statement piece – a Yamagiwa Talieson floor lamp that becomes the main attraction of the room.

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little on big items, this is an aspect of your interior that you should be looking to get right, as it often dictates the end-result when it comes to overall appearances. If you have want some ideas on where to get luxurious looking furniture in Singapore, read this article here.


Designer Ben from Mr Shopper Studio explained, “Accessories and decorations are very important. Try to incorporate gold details in them.”. Every luxurious living quarter should have a sprinkle of something extra. Accessories can help you in that regard and at the same time help you retain that cozy feeling that makes a house a home. Add finishing touches like designer vases and home fragrances to decorative cushions and wall decor. Geometrically shaped items and large artwork pieces can greatly emphasize details, while flowers in controlled amounts can help foster a feeling of coziness.

Mr Shopper Studio: This home setting just screams luxury! Adorned with very intricate gold details throughout the laminates and furniture, similar metal is used for the vase, unifying the entire look.

Mr Shopper Studio: Less is more when it comes to making a setting look uncluttered and elegant at the same time. Minimal accessories are used in the communal area, except for the eye-catching white flowers against a tan background.

Don’t skimp on the bed in your resting quarters. Adding statement luxury bedspreads can also add dimensions to your room’s decor. A current trend in bedding is the incorporation of reversible duvet covers and mixing prints. You can change the look daily and enjoy a lovely additional feature when the top of the duvet cover is turned down.

Mr Shopper Studio: Replicate any 5-star suite by adding depth to your bed with cushions and pillows of different materials and shades.

Mr Shopper Studio: Do not neglect your bedside table! It is one space that may not seem significant but by adding subtle hints of silver metals, it can elevate your sleeping quarters to another aesthetic level.

Layering in interior design is an often overlooked, yet critically important part of bringing a room together. It is an art that requires practice and patience in order to help ensure that you don’t end up cluttering the space with an overabundance of unnecessary additions. When layering, keep in mind the various factors of the room like wall coverings, flooring, furniture and decor items. Focus on building the room by adding each layer one at a time, being careful not to overdo it.

Follow these steps on your journey towards a more luxurious looking home and you’ll be well on your way to coming back to a 5-star suite fit for a king, queen, prince or princess.

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