Is Your ‘Home’ Ready for National Day?

Alas, amidst the hectic hustle of the lifestyle here in Singapore, a well-deserved break for us all approaches; Singapore is finally turning 53. This momentous day would mean a holiday to the majority of us, thus providing a day for friends and family to rally together, in order to commemorate Singapore’s independence.

While some of us might be out watching the actual parade at the Floating Platform, most of us would likely be celebrating this joyous occasion in the comforts of our own homes. Thus, to parade the patriotic spirit of such an occasion, we should prepare our homes true to the National Day spirit. More than merely just hanging the flag on the parapet, here are some tips and tricks that might help you spice up your home for the 9th of August.

Old School Rattan

If you prefer your furniture to be of sturdier construction, yet also snug and cosy, then these rattan chairs or sofas might be the one for you. Rather than picking one with the usual old-school colourway of blue, red and white, many rattan chairs now actually come with trendy colour options, adding a modern twist to this old-school classic.

Project by: Hue Concept

Project by: Lemon Fridge

Due to the weaving patterns of the rattan, it allows breatheability, akin to mesh, while also being structurally sound yet pliable enough to sink in when you sit down, perfect for staying cool and comfortable in our tropical weather.

Where to buy?    FortyTwo, $89   |   Common Goods   |   Hemma, $220

Red and White

Majulah Singapura! What other colour defines National Day better than red and white? Found on our flag, red can be used as an accent colour while decorating your apartment, easily signifying your national pride to visitors with minimal effort.

Project by: Free Space Intent

From cushions, to tablecloths, to even wall decor, simply adding red to anything within your home can add the correct ambience and get your home into the National Day mood. IKEA usually has a good choice and range of decor, along with reasonable price-points for their items. A visit there might be a quick solution to jazz up your place in time for the celebration; there is even an online delivery option if Tampines or Alexandra might be too far for you.

Uniquely Singapore

Get your hands on quirky home decor, from Maggie Mee cushions to wacky one-of-a-kind posters, that will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests. These unique items will inject a sense of patriotism into your home and create the right atmosphere for a celebration of our country’s birthday.

Project by: Hue Concept

Project by: Aiden-T

Project by: Aiden-T

Project by: Free Space Intent

Since some of us might have guests over, there might not be enough seats for everyone, especially when your house was never intended to play host to much people. Don’t fret, you might as well make the most out of your situation, and impress your guests with these quirky “biscuit tin” stools, a reminder of the nostalgic experiences of such tins, time spent trying to pry the cover open to reach your hands in whatever delicious delights laid beneath.

Project by: Free Space Intent

Where to buy?   The Damn Good Shop   |   Supermama

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring used to be highly popular due to its affordability but declined as Singaporeans grew affluent. However, recently, designers saw its potential and are beginning to use it in design again. With a plethora of aggregate options (mother-of-pearl, marble, recycled glass), the colour and design options will bedazzle you. It also acts as good contrast against minimalistic furniture.

Project by: Free Space Intent

Hopefully, this mini guide shall inspire your National Day decorations and design, and help you prepare a house ready for Singapore’s 53rd birthday. We wish Singapore a Happy National Day in advance, and hope that everyone has a memorable time celebrating the occasion.



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