Interior Styling: The Affordable Way to Revamp Your Home

Looking around your house one day, you may realize that you’re tired of the current look that you’re sporting. You’re itching to switch things up and jazz up the monotony of your bland, old interior. Where do you start? Should you approach an interior designer? What decor should you be going for? What are your options?

Feeling a little overwhelmed at this point is totally normal. You may be glad to learn that a makeover doesn’t necessarily mean engaging an ID or consuming scores of literature steeped in terminology. Interior stylists are just as adept at revamping your home.

Remember that all you’re dealing with here is a finite amount of space and there are so many ways to build upon what your home already has. Think of creative styling as phrasing for your abode. It offers owners a world of innovative and exceedingly simple techniques to help re-envisioning existing concepts.

Here’s a look at the many fascinating opportunities home styling can offer and how these can help you achieve that new interior aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of.

What is interior styling?

So what exactly is interior styling and how is it different from interior design? The layman could be forgiven for mistaking one for the other since their functions are rather closely connected.

Simply put, interior designers could best be defined as interior architects. Like scientists or engineers, interior designers focus a lot on dealing with spatial planning, material specifications or functional components which are all integral parts of a room’s layout.

Interior stylists, on the other hand, deal more with icing on the cake, focusing more on furnishings, decor and aesthetic presentation. The practice of home styling revolves mainly around adorning an interior with relevant decorative elements, making use of fashionable components to beautify or accentuate the overall impact of a space.

Savvy homeowners across developing or developed Asian nations like Singapore are slowly becoming aware of these key differences as well as the advantages home styling can bring (with regards to staying relevant). It is a growing trend in Singapore and is fast becoming a necessity for every household. With a little bit of practice and a pinch of technical know-how, you too can begin home styling like a pro.

Be your own interior stylist by devising a plan

This is no time to be a scatterbrain. Be sure to take the time to organize before you embark on your redecorating adventure.

Working on the bigger items in your interior will give you a better perspective of your theme.

Setting up a mood board or using online tools like our interior designers’ works or pinterest to help you draft a rough look and feel is a good start. Remember to settle on a main colour palette so that the resulting look will look cohesive and have all your categories figured out before you make any purchases. That way, you know what goes where and you won’t get carried away on a delirious shopping spree with no purpose.

When you start shopping for items, look over the list and pick out what you like best first. Later on, you’ll have to decide how what you’ve bought can fit in with the overall theme of each room, including the pieces you already have in each section of your home.

It’s worth mentioning that you’re better off starting with big-ticket items first, working your way down to smaller details. Begin by ticking off furniture and lighting, then move on to the less bulky items such as lamps, art pieces, rugs, and accent pillows, finally layering on finishing touches like trays, trinkets, and accessories.

Mix & Match like a seasoned stylist!

Your adventure really begins to take shape once you start putting different decorative elements together to see if they match.

When mixing and matching home decor, keep in mind there are three characteristics that you need to take into account; height, shape, and texture. You’ll want to establish an assortment of different height arrangements for your pieces as this can make a room more pleasing to the eye.

Playing with an assortment of shapes, heights and textures can result in an oasis of style.

Secondly, mixing shapes can also be a crucial part of making your interior stand out. Adding a large hexagonal bowl to a set of vertical wood vases, for example, can help establish a more interesting dynamic compared to a boring room full of similar shapes.

Finally, choosing combinations of textures that vary can form pleasant contrasts between the different parts of your arrangements. This goes long way towards achieving the desired atmosphere. Focus on playing with different levels of contrast for your desired effect, such as mixing matte paint finish elements with features like shiny metallic objects for high diversity or glass vessels for a more subtle effect.

Do not forget the little details

Great style is achieved by design, not by accident. Take your time to experiment and make well-thought-out decisions. By breaking down each area within every room, including functional items that you’ll need for your bedside tables like lamps, clocks or jewellery dishes, you can set up different layers of accessories and decorations throughout the other corners of the bedroom.

Aside from decor and furniture, take the foundation that your home was originally built upon into account. The ‘bones’ of your abode are as important as the additions. After all, they are what made you fall in love with the home in the first place. Embrace structure through the placement of interesting pieces, filling in unique corners with focal points.

Pay attention to details and use dashes of greenery to craft a fresh, reinvigorating atmosphere.

Don’t forget the little things, like adding in greenery and plants to rooms or adding rugs to hardwood floors for a cosy vibe. Adding a fresh coat of paint to complement your interior styling plans can also help refresh the overall look of your oasis.

What’s your end game?

In the midst of all these excitements, remember that all the choices you make should be there to lead you to an overall result. Keeping things like which style you’re leaning towards in mind from the start can mean the difference between a home that looks balanced and one that looks like a cluttered mess.

Are you going for a chic, modern, Scandinavian flow, or do you want to spice things up with vigorous retro?

Photos courtesy of: Oddsome & AreteCulture

Adequately styled homes can take a few rounds to get right. Through patience, trial and error, you can get your vision out there. Stay alert and take your time. Above all, enjoy the process!

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