From Marvel to ‘Stop Wars’, these Mural Arts will make your apartment stand out.

Wall mural art at Wall Craft Deco Art showroom

Introduction on Murals Wall Art

You may have gotten spanked for drawing on the walls when you were a kid but if these guys have things their way, they’re going to be spanking a whole lot more art onto every wall they touch…

From the world’s cave paintings to iconic churches, palaces and more, murals or wall art are undoubtedly some of the earliest and most universal forms of art known to mankind.

The Mexican muralism movement gave people a powerful medium to express political as well as social messages and throughout the 80s, early 90s and beyond, artists like Obey, Banksy and Futura 2000 ignited an entire generation by showing them how to embrace the freedom of the wall.

@Milagro Restaurant

Characterized by a personal and a primarily more conversational/informal vibe, wall/mural artwork today stands as a well-worn snub to the highbrow galleries, embodying a sense of rugged individualism as well as deviant charm.

Doodle art in a residential unit

The gritty staple of counter culture, pop culture and everything in between, wall art went slightly out of vogue a little while ago (compared to its framed up counterpart) but looks to be making a comeback with daring art collective Wall Craft Deco Art reinforcing the trend that the canvas is so last century.

Where the untrained eye may see an empty wall, these guys see a masterpiece in the making.

Unicorn in a residential unit

One of their favorite forms is the 3D Mural Art Wall which screams personality and works amazingly well on a variety of surfaces (including glass and wood).

“No other painting technique puts such a unique and personal stamp on your surroundings” says Sean Lim.

3D mural art wall of Marvel superheroes in a residential unit

Yoda from Star War in a residential unit

How it started

The solo founder of the collective, Sean is not an artist. A graduate in economics and finance, he’s the business brains behind the outfit and delved into the creative sector when he saw an opportunity to fulfill a demand which was lacking in providers.

Banding a few art students together, he took some time to study the scene and saw an intersection between art and science in his new-found calling. The artwork created for these types of surfaces demanded certain considerations to be thoroughly worked out.

How well would these art pieces weather the sun and rain? How can artwork painted on flooring remain unspoiled? These were questions that he had to ask himself…

An outdoor art

“Business people allocate resources” he continues, adding that they engaged a material scientist to research the primer needed as well as costing and more.

Wall Craft Deco Art ended up custom manufacturing many of their working materials such as the primer coating and glow in the dark paint, all of which were mixed by themselves and cannot be found on the market.

“The custom coating can last 8 to 10 years and is water resistant”, Sean explains.

With this magic formula down, the team set to work on their first few projects, mostly commercial and F&B outlets like bistros and the Japanese restaurant ‘Bushido’.

Bushido at Marina Bay Link Mall

Through their commercial work, they found that there was a demand for their artwork in households and today the company counts artists from both sides of the causeway (Singapore, Malaysia and Johor) as part of their platform.

“Wall Craft Deco Art has 3 full-time artists and around 12 part-time artists”, Sean says and clarifies that each artwork is done not by one but by several artists, making each work a true collaboration.

“Different artists are good at different styles”, he elaborates. “When it comes to art, customers want different things and artists have different strengths. It is impossible for one artist do everything”.

A Chinese traditional lady in a residential unit

Egyptian culture in a residential unit

Sean’s large team of artists gives his company an added edge and so do the quality of Wall Craft Deco’s materials and commitment to schedules, making sure each project is delivered on time, without delays.

Ranging from the spunky urban style reminiscent of underground street artists to brooding Warholian pieces, traditional motifs and toned down abstract art installments, Wall Craft Deco Art’s sheer range of styles and techniques is also not to be taken lightly.

The company is also adept at numerous different types of painting/construction techniques including Wood Art, Glass Painting, Dry Wall Sculptures and more.

Among the fifty or so projects the company has handled within the short span of one and a half years, Sean is especially proud of the 21-foot-tall Feng Shui dragon project which was created in collaboration with a true blue Feng Shui master and took almost 3 weeks to complete.

The Feng Shui Dragon

The Process of Engaging a Mural Art Artist

The process is usually very similar from project to project. The client will provide a reference for the artwork they want as well as the size of their wall and the company will respond with a price range.

A second wall measurement will have to be taken by the company and initial artwork concepts will be provided to the client at this stage. These are usually either sketched by hand or prepared in Photoshop.

Sean elaborates that, as this is wall art, it is important to get the color to match the rest of the interior. The team will have to go on site to get a feel for the space and then discuss color scheme requirements with the client. Sean decides which artists will be assigned to the project based on the style needed.














How many ways can you come up with to deface your wall?

These guys just might have a few ideas, not to mention a few wicked tricks up their sleeve…


A special thanks to Wall Craft Deco Art





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