If you love an ultra-modern light configuration, this luxury interior might be the one for you.


Reminiscent of five star hotels and luxurious business suites, Thomson Three by Neu Konceptz exudes beauty in simplicity and shimmers in the ethereal glare of exquisitely crafted light installations.

Characterized by a futuristic theme of reflective glass surfaces that open the space up, a classy, modern, almost sterile environment flows throughout the property and compartments are skilfully placed for functional storage.

Project Information

Property Type          : New 2 Room Condo

Size                             : 700 sqft

Renovation Period  : 2 weeks

Renovation Cost     :  $50,000 plus $10,000 (Furnishing)

Neutral palettes capture a sense of graceful prestige and sophistication while at the same time maintain a foundation of uncluttered minimalism. Symmetrical shapes lead the eyes along clean lines with necessary components standing out in unobtrusive prominence.

Different light configurations ranging from LEDs, strips of ceiling and cove lights accentuate the primary color theme (silver and blue) and interact with well-placed storage compartments, bringing a serene, calm interior to life and beckoning you into a magical, glittering new world…

Repeated motifs and consistency capture the essence of the hall. Mirrors encase the wall behind the sofa, enhancing the illusion of space.

A color scheme of white and gray with flecks of blue blends seamlessly together, playing through the openings in between furniture and fittings. An elegant rug solidifies the layout of the hall, delineating the area between the built-in, flat screen television set, console and sofa/sitting area.

In a prime example of expert use of compartments, The TV feature contains a concealed dresser and is presented in sturdy lamination while the wide console fitted with black tinted glass doors draws a tight contrast with the rest of the lightly toned hall.

The sole decorative piece, a silver antlered deer head boldly takes its place on a slab marble, custom made side table, adding a little bling to the neutral shapes and monotone presentation. A slick pull-out settee can be found within the shoe cabinet while a flip down ledge is built-into the side table.

Harmony and symmetry

The design concept flows harmoniously from the hall to the dining/kitchen area. A playground of symmetry, the dining/kitchen area is perfectly decked out with white matte laminated kitchen cabinets.

Here, an elegant quartz top from Caesar Stone is decorated with an assortment of thin black lines while the dining set is made from the same (Volakas) Slab Marble finish and custom fitted chrome steel as the side table in the hall, mirroring the materials used between different parts of the house.

The original, partially enclosed kitchen layout was done away with and in its place, an open kitchen cum dining combination was established to maximize space.

Attention to detail in the compartmentalization of the space is again displayed through the use of drawers at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet which protrude slightly for a soft close, removing the need for finger grooves or handles.

Bathed in light

In the simple yet prestigious master bedroom, the white color theme comes to full prominence. A flat screen TV fortified with a rejuvenating white backdrop is coupled with a spectacular view through windows that bathe the room in light.

When it’s time for bed, dimly lit orange lighting offers a soothing night of tranquility while refreshing, cool tones create a space for the mind to rest.

In line with the uncluttered theme of modern minimalism, the bedroom contains hidden compartments that utilize space resourcefully and keep the area feeling warm and cozy.

Productivity Inspired

In a distinct break with the luxurious, glaring theme of the property, the cozy and subdued workspace invokes a sense of exuberance and a place where masterpieces are created.

Productivity and accessibility feature prominently here while the color scheme of white and gray is accentuated by smooth wood flooring and blinders.

Plenty of mirrors work together with the prevalence of natural light that seeps in from the large windows facing out from the work space.

Project By: Neu Konceptz

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