Pantone 2019 Living Coral in Interior Designing


As we enter 2019, a whole host of exciting design trends and opportunities for interior space innovation have already begun to emerge. The renowned colour matching system Pantone describes ‘Living coral’, aka Pantone 16-1546 as “buoyant, vibrant and effervescent”. Pantone has revealed Living Coral as its colour of 2019 and this vibrant yet mellow, light-hearted and lively marine-themed tone is expected to dominate the design industry over the next 12 months.

In essence, Living Coral symbolises our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits. So, what are some of the ways in which you can inject this gorgeous colour into your interiors?

Rearrange your walls’ colour structures

It’s time to make way for the new colour in town! By applying Living Coral strategically to different wall sections of the home, you get the opportunity to establish a unique sense of style and character while remaining relevant and in sync with the prominent colour trend of 2019.

(Picture credits to Dezeen)

Go ahead and get creative! Play with shapes and angles, choose an arched volume of coral to dominate the kitchen or living areas. Similarly, you can introduce an abundance of coral into dull living spaces as a way to spice things up and add a dash of life.

(Picture credits to Dezeen)

Add coral coloured accents or tiles for an extra layer of sophistication. Consider coral-pink bathroom tiled walls that go nicely with a pinkish under-sink storage cabinet or mirror frame.

Up the ante with a matching theme

An added sense of exuberance, as well as a more vibrant look and feel, can be achieved by mixing and matching different tones with Living Coral. You might find that turquoise blue or teal are great options for complimentary colour combinations and, in addition, pale shades of pink contrasted with darker shades of coral can create a lavish, streamlined look for your space. If you’re feeling adventurous, mix Living Coral with a dark green tone to bring a Miami-like vibe to your arsenal.

(Picture credits: Lifestyleasia)

Don’t under-utilise flooring

Floors can be powerful modes of expression so imbue flooring with vibrant coral shades in the form of a vintage-looking rug or opt for a more modern coral-filled option that blends well with the rest of the room.

(Picture credits: Pinterest)

Create well-placed coral additions

It’s probably not a bad idea to make this colour of the year a part of your accessories or furniture. Invest in a coral pillow or throw to go with your sofa. Alternatively, you can try brightening up tired looking spaces by replacing your dreary furniture altogether using coral-coloured ones instead.

(Picture credits: Dezeen)

(Picture credits: Pinterest)

Whichever way you approach it, this colour could help you reinvigorate your space and infuse it with vibrancy. You could choose to fully-embrace Living Coral by going all out, transforming entire spaces into zesty coral havens. You may also want to keep things subtle and incorporate coral placements in tactical ways into various parts of a room. Be creative when it comes to implementing coral in your spaces and have fun with it!

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