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who we are

Aiden T is the anagram of the initials of its principal Arjan Nijen Twilhaar. The firm offers full design services, specialising in residential and commercial spaces. Founded in 2005, Arjan designed a wide range of projects including landed property, condominiums, flats, spas, restaurants, hotels, retail and offices. This background helps him to provide a design that is tailored to the individual needs with a great level of comfort and care. We are honored to have our designs featured in leading local magazines and publications.

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  1. Arjan Nijen Twilhaar, the Principal Designer of Aiden T, is an extremely talented interior designer. Not only are his designs simply beautiful and breath-taking, they are also very functional and practical. He transformed an old tired house to my dream home, bringing it into the 21st Century. He worked with and enhanced the existing detailing in the house. He made awkward spaces and odd corners look like they were deliberately constructed that way to serve the purpose they now do thanks to his clever design. I truly derive immense pleasure in the day-today living in my home. The house is beautiful and it serves real life living. Indeed, Arjan can weave magic into a space.

    Arjan was also such a joy to work with on my home. He is always responsive and ever patient with my incessant demands. He can be counted on to give impartial, sensible and good advice. He took the time to explain his suggestions and address all my questions. Even though he was very busy, he always gave me the time of day. I never felt rushed or hurried. He was also willing to work within a budget suggesting the best areas to allocate funds. I feel he genuinely has his clients’ interests at heart. He made what could have been a harrowing journey of renovating a home, a fun and very enjoyable process.

    Arjan is undoubtedly one of Singapore’s leading interior designers and I truly feel blessed to have had him work on my home. I would whole-heatedly recommend Aiden T to anyone looking to have a beautiful functional home. Thank you so much Arjan!

  2. My wife and I bought a 5-room resale HDB that needed a total makeover. We wanted to build a home which aesthetics would remain relevant throughout decades. We didn’t mind spending a little more for the value of quality and durability. We wanted the house to be practical yet beautiful. We are people of hosts, so we also desired the house to be able to give a great experience to whoever that steps into it. 

    We had a very good first impression when we met Arjan at his showroom. He was professional, a people’s person, an attentive listener, and appeared highly skilful and tasteful in his profession. Thankfully, this did not remain just a first impression, but a continued and consistent one throughout the renovation journey. In fact, we would also go beyond to testify that Arjan is someone we found to be responsible and took great ownership towards his work and clients. 

    We have heard many accounts that renovation is a painful process to endure. We have learnt that it is inevitable, for the work is complex and laborious. What was most important is that the person in charge is committed to provide solutions should any unprecedented issues occur. In short, a person who would get it done at the end of the day. We say for certain that Arjan possesses this quality. In our opinion, this is the most important trait to have; even more than ‘good chemistry’ with your interior designer.

    We also believe that what makes him successful at what he does is the team he works with. Throughout the years, Arjan has developed great working relationships and synergy with the main/sub-contractors he has worked with. Together, they make a great and reliable team that you can trust to get the job done. You will have to take note that Arjan operates independently. Commonly in Singapore, interior designers belong to a design and built firm; a one-stop-for-all service. Arjan’s role is the interior designer cum project manager. There will be a separate main contractor which you will have a separate agreement with. We recommend going with who is familiar working with.

    One of Arjan’s core strength is his deep roots in design concepts and art. He has a wide horizontal understanding of what is required in interior designing – a balance between aesthetics and usability. It’s not just shapes and colours but also things like materials, space planning and lighting. He has rich knowledge to reference concepts from different geographies and times. If you do not know yet, he is Dutch who has lived in Singapore long enough to call his home. This is perhaps one of his greatest unique value, for he knows both Asian and Western concepts and how to play around it. 

    As far as pricing goes, we can only say that you get for what you pay for Arjan’s services. He is not the cheapest, but nothing good comes cheap. That said, do not mistake this implying his projects are expensive for they are not. Arjan’s default choices of material and design has intentions to last, so naturally, you’re paying for quality. That said, this does not stop him from being creative with cheap solutions, which he has done so with some parts of our house that led to some good savings. 

    This already seems obvious, but for the records, we strongly recommend Arjan. To Arjan on a personal note, thank you so much for this joyful (we seriously mean it, haha!) and wonderful experience. If we have a second home down the road, we will surely come knocking on your door again. It is a privilege and blessing to also know you personally. We hope we have also been good clients to work it. Thank you for all your patience and grace with our nuances. You always choose empathy during the tricky situations – we appreciate it.”

  3. We have been following Arjan’s portfolio for a while before reaching out. Arjan is tremendously approachable and we felt assured working with him immediately.

    With limited space in our shoebox unit and some awkward layout, we needed someone who could pay attention to those details and make good use of the limited space. We are deeply satisfied by his design ideas, concepts and suggestion. His ability to conceptualize colors and texture impressed us. The result was perfect and we were very satisfied with the outcome – just like the artist’s illustration!

    During and after the renovation, Arjan remained extremely committed to the project. He is transparent and works hard to keep to our budget. He does periodic visits to the site and provides frequent updates during the renovation phase.

    We unreservedly recommend him to anyone.

  4. Aiden T was the only firm that caught my attention and the only firm I approached for a quotation. I was very impressed by its Principal Designer, Arjan, who pays attention to details, functionality and aesthetics. I like that his designs are timeless and classic. The traditional details often give the house its character and warmth. He is also always able to provide amazing ideas in sprucing up the house.

    As I was away from Singapore during the first half of the renovation, Arjan took really good care of things. I did not follow up much and was extremely pleased to come back to seeing all the masonry works done well. He is communicative, patient, assuring and quick to resolve issues. I am also very thankful that he was able to help me pick some of my furnishings. I really enjoyed working with him for my first home!

  5. We recently purchased a freehold apartment in Joo Chiat and were looking, at the time, to renovate the apartment to firstly bring it up to current code, but also to transform the apartment into a personalized space. We had met with several design firms, but ended up choosing Aiden-T for the professionalism and can-do attitude that Arjan showed towards our vision. Arjan also brought a touch of design finesse to the project, suggesting details that we would have otherwise overlooked – which have added to the playfulness and completeness of the space. Before, during and post construction, Arjan remained in close contact – we appreciated his candor when things didn’t go exactly to plan and found him extremely easy to work with throughout.

    Overall, our project resulted in our expectations exceeded – we are very proud of the space and continually are asked about the small design details that Arjan had suggested and implemented throughout. Our budget, and our vision was respected thoroughly, and small requests to change or rectify were taken in stride. We would highly recommend Arjan and his team for any home renovation – the whole experience was relatively stress-free, and we are left with a home that is extremely comfortable and exactly what we’d wanted.




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