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10 Raeburn Park,Block A,#04-02 Singapore 088702



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who we are

akiHAUS is a boutique interior design consultancy firm. We pride ourselves in delivering bespoke works which are elegant and timeless. Through the skillful crafting of space, light and materiality, we create beautiful yet functional works that not only exhibit spatial sensibilities but engage the senses as well.

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design portfolio


  1. Lawrence Puah is an exemplification of what a par excellence interior designer should be. His attention to detail is amazing and in my site visits during the renovation period I have never failed to be constantly amazed at the little touchers which in my opinion only a person of Lawrence’s calibre pay attention to. He spares no effort in demanding the quality of works from the contractots, going insofar as to make changes onsite wheneveer standards are not met (even though my wife and I were unable to notive any perceptible falw). Perhaps it’s due to his training as an architect, or that he really takes on each project as if he is going to live there. But we are definitely sure that he gives his all towards achieving a dream home for us, His designs are highly original and definitely appeal to u who prefer deisgns that can withstand the test of time. Constantly pushing the boundaries of our tastes and preferences, we are most glad that we have Lawrence and his team challenge our notion of what we envision our new home to be like. It has been a most satisfying journey working with Lawrence, and throughout the period we felt most at ease discussing all matters and bouncing ideas off each other (actually more of him bouncing his ideas to us). We hate to admit but most of the times his opinions and suggestions have been right. If only we had listened to him more…

  2. akiHAUS stood out from the rest of ID companies which we have visited. Having a background in architecture,Lawrence is able to provide insights on design planning which focuses on creating space, yet not compromising on the design. Upon understanding our individual preferences, he is able to put forth and challenged us with an entirely new concept which was something which we never imagined. He shared with us on his experiences and professional view points and is always there to ensure we make an informed decision ( his favorite quote). In addition, akiHAUS works alongside with capable and professional team of contractor (PM Image Builders) who takes pride and responsibilities in their work. Thank you for creating our dream home.

  3. akiHAUS did the interior architecture of our Singapore flat and did the architecture of the house we are currently building in the Phillippines. Lawrence Puah was and is a dream to work with and totally gets our aesthetic and personal style. He made our dreams come true in Singapore, and is doing it again in the Philippines.

  4. my husband and I have gone through a few renovation projects prior to engaging akiHAUS, so it can be said that we are not exactly “easy” Clients as we have strong ideas about what we want and how we see the renovation process being carried out. Just we we thought we knew everything about interior design and renovations, Lawrence from akiHAUS managed to show us otherwise. Lawrence has been a joy to work with. During the initial design phase, we have loaded him with tons of our own ideas, from magazine scrap books to images on the internet, which admittedly were not always coherent as much as we like to think. He would listen to us patiently and even nudge u00000s further to find out in depth what it is that we really like, skillfully picking out (as he likes to put it) the essence of our easthetic and spatial preferences. That said, unike many other design companies, Lawrence is certainly not a pushover designer that simply agrees with us on everything just because we are his Clients. He has managed ti oush our boundaries, challenging us with great designs and ideas that we never even knew we’d lobe but yet were spot on! He would take time to patiently explain to us in detail so we understand the rationale behind the designs, how they are not just superficial aesthetics but resolved to compliment the spaces that he has created and refined with intricate details on a micro scale, marrying from with function. So that we know we made an informed decision, as he would always say. This is something we appreciated very much working with him. The renovation process has been a breese as well with akiHAUS.Lawrence mentioned at the start of the project that the journey is as important as the end product so that homeowners would move into their home happily, and he ha certainly made it so. Being an architect by training, he has been able to attend the site issues when they arose ans always come up with great solutions without compromising on the design. Having gone through a few renovation projects ourselves, we know how even great design can be compromised without good builders. So it was very reassuring for us that akiHAUS works with a capable team of professional contractors and suppliers who not only do great work but provide fantastic after sales service as well. Our place has been completed for almost two years now and we are still attended to by the team whenever we need assistance at home.

  5. We met with akiHAUS some years back for our first apartment and Lawrence had provided us with invaluable advice. However,we did not engage them then as we were drawn to the cheaper package prices from other design firms during a design fair. We have regretted that decision since as all the issues that Lawrence highlighted to us were not picked up by the other design firm and we suffered for 3 years. So when we upgraded to a bigger apartment last year,we decided to come back to akiHAUS. Lawrence and his team delivered above beyond what we expected. Not only were they able to address the many problems the apartment presented, They’ve also created a beautiful,comfortable yet functional home for me and my family. Thank you akiHAUS!




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