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Free Space Intent

8 Ubi Road 2,  Zervex,  #02-07,  Singapore 408538

+65 6392 8885


Years of Experience: 18 years

Creating homes with a strong presence and personality

who we are

Established in 1999, Free Space Intent (FSI) is a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm. With a decade of experiences under our belt, Free Space Intent (FSI) has worked with a large variety of private clients and corporate, creating a wide range of residential spaces, bars/lounges, restaurants, retail outlets, and office spaces. Our aim is to provide distinctive, customized interiors while remaining sensitivity to the client’s budget and time constraints. The purest form of beauty lies in the raw basics. Free Space Intent (FSI) espouses designs that speak of timeless elegance, defined grace and modern functionality. This down-to-earth approach is clearly marked by clean lines, muted shades and clever space planning to suit the cosmopolitan lifestyles. Celebrating the notion of going back to the bare essentials, FSI creates urban retreats that soothe the senses and rejuvenate the tired soul. Always an active hub of fresh designs, FSI plays along boundaries that are untouched by many, creating homes with a strong presence and personality.

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design portfolio


  1. Leon was our designer. Great job done with our design. Very attentive service and execute well our concept and needs to have functional spaces. Super satisfied with the service. Great job bro!

  2. “We are grateful to have appointed Ms Jovie Ong from FSI as our designer. She is a very friendly, responsible and patient person, who not only try her best to achieve what we want for our ideal home but also gives good advices.
    We would like to thank her for all her effort and help us create a livable and comfortable home. Give her a chance and see want she can bring to your home”

  3. “It was a pleasure partnering alongside Raymond, Jovie and Prelinda to create a place that we are truly comfortable and proud to be called home. They are very accommodating and willing to listen and act upon our sometimes ‘unreasonable’ views without any complains. They are also always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the end product is according to what was presented in the sales pitch and more. We were apprehensive before embarking on a total renovation of the whole house but working with Raymond and company made the journey and process stress free and the destination reached without great fuss.
    Thank you Raymond, Jovie and Prelinda for the wonderful job done!”

  4. “We are pleased to engage FSI and many thanks to our ID Irvin for helping us to achieve our desired design for our new home. Not only she captured our concept well but also given us good ideals and advices that further refined our dream home. She is a trustworthy and meticulous designer that well-suited with our demanding requirement, high expectation and tight schedule.
    We are delighted and more than satisfied with the end results that make us feels good every moment when we are at home. Thank you once again from a very happy customer.”

  5. “We engaged FSI and the expertise of our designer, Jia Lim, for the renovation of our apartment from Dec’15 – Apr’15.
    Jia was very pleasant, patient and full of good advice throughout the planning and execution process. She listened to our wants and needs, and added her professional touch to areas we lacked knowledge in. Her guidance and bubbly personality made her more than just our designer- she became our friend.
    We also had the pleasure of working with Perlinda and Leon as our project managers. They helped coordinate and oversee the entire reno process, and followed up promptly when needed.
    The result? A house we’re terribly happy to wake up and return to everyday. Jia and Leon went beyond their call of duties in helping us whenever they could, and we are glad we chose FSI after much due diligence.
    Thank you, FSI, for helping us build our home”

  6. This is the 2nd time we engaged FSI for our house. Raymond and Irvin truly understood our design preferences and contributed their professional ideas to help us build a warm and cozy nest for us and the kids. The team is quick in response, their co-ordination is excellent which allow us to work without having to worry during the renovation period. Irvin’s service was beyond our expectations as she sees through the project diligently and routinely update us on the reno progress. There were several occasions where she even went extra mile to fulfill our requests. Thumbs up for the great service! Thank you, FSI for your professional service and Raymond for your advice and ideas in designing our �!

  7. “We were introduced to Jia Lim as our ID for The Tembusu. We set budget with few requirements for her to work on. Her ideas were brilliant and took into account all requirements. Once, we disagreed on having the wallpaper due to budget issue, she stood her ground but relentlessly seeking alternatives. Eventually, she was right and the results of the whole project exceeded our expectations. Jia is very organised in the project. You can tell that she is passionate about ID! All other reviews about her hold true. Hope her workloads do not increase too much, like to advise her to chillax!

  8. “Thankful to have Raymond & Yong Ping designed our house! Passionate designers who are really prompt and have the heart to give us the best! Quality Reno with no delay in handing over the project. Will def recommend the both of them if u are looking for a themed home.

  9. “Raymond and Perlinda provided top-notch service throughout the entire renovation process. I approached FSI as I felt that Raymond’s designs are bold and challenged the norms. I wanted our home to look unique and colourful. Raymond exceeded my expectations with his great understanding of my needs! Perlinda was very detailed in supervising the renovation works. She was also very responsive to my needs! Both Raymond and Perlinda’s hard work and commitment to my home has really paid off as I am extremely satisfied with my home!!

  10. “Looking for a reliable ID/contractor can be a tedious task, however for me and my wife, we were blessed to have met Raymond and Yong Ping from FSI!
    We were introduced to FSI by a friend who had engaged them a few years ago. Her experience with FSI was flawless, thus she highly recommended them to us. Furthermore, while looking for home design ideas, coincidentally, we selected some that were from FSI!
    Raymond and Yong Ping are professional, talented and frank. Their level of attention to details and being bold on design ideas made our meetings very engaging and fun. It never felt like a customer-client meeting, more like a causal meet up with friends. Once the reno works started, it went on smoothly and hassle-free, everything was well taken care by them. Their attitude for perfection and quality is beyond words of excellence.
    Many thanks to Raymond and Yong Ping for the great experience and building our beautiful home. We are happy client! Thumb up for FSI! 👍🏼

  11. “We engaged Leon & Tiffany from FSI for our retail store and we were grateful for the near flawless experience working with them despite the timeline being cut short because of some hiccups from the mall management.
    The design of the store was almost identical to what were presented in the 3D visuals that they came up with and that really bridged the difference between what we had expected and the outlook upon completion.
    They paid good attention to details and our requirements as usually, its these add up of minor details that can make or break the presentation of a retail store. They are easy to reach and communicate with and hence the entire works can be carried out in a very efficient manner with no delays.
    Our friends and customers are all full of praises for the store and we are definitely one happy client.
    Would definitely recommend them if you are looking for people who will listen to your needs, who do put in effort in designing your place that match up to your expectations with a hassle free experience.

  12. “Living in our dream home all thanks to our FSI ID, Yong Ping. She took time to understand our preference and designed our home to our lifestyle and likes. She managed our expectations well and also kept us updated on the development of our renovation and necessary changes along the way due to infrastructure of the house which were not shown on the layout.
    She helped to ensure the quality of the workmanship and materials used. And also provide good contacts for lightings, bathroom accessories, etc.
    We are impressed with her passion and dedication to our home given the distance she has to travel to and fro from time to time. Even though she has a few projects on hand, she is easily contactable and ensured that our home is complete in time.
    Will definitely recommend Yong Ping from FSI to anyone who would like to have their dream home come true.

  13. “Thank you Yong Ping and FSI for giving us our dream home! We’ve moved in to our BTO for 2 weeks and couldn’t be happier with everything.. the after sales care and service is excellent as well, from touching up of the wall paint, to replacing our scratched vinyl tiles from the movers, correcting a slight defect in our master bathroom door, all the way to getting someone to clear the debris under the kitchen sink for us. The entire engagement has been a breeze from the design stage and renovation through to handover and we’re very happy to have you as our ID.
    You have been professional, meticulous, very detailed, patient, accommodating and have always delivered when you said you will. You show up on time for meetings, are responsive and responsible too, and will always respect our decisions and preferences without imposing anything on us.
    Being first time homeowners, we were naturally stressed out initially with all the options and choices in the market.. So many IDs and so many design firms… who should we choose? However I can say we are definitely very glad to have chosen FSI and to have had Yong Ping as our designer.
    We were impressed from our first meeting as we were briefed on the entire process from engagement to handover and it gave us a very good idea of the timeline and processes so we can be mentally prepared. Best of all, FSI was able to work with and accommodate our budget without compromising on quality or their delivery.
    I remember many late night phone calls, exchanges and even meetings (due to our busy work schedule, we usually only can spend time discussing home reno details at night) where Yong Ping will be patiently listening to our requests, comments, complaints, ideas, etc. while giving her input too. It helped that she is passionate and enthusiastic and was always positive in her attitude.
    Yong Ping even personally spent hours with us one Saturday afternoon, painstakingly sticking on little squares for a customized tetris decal design on our bedroom wardrobe doors. This took up an entire afternoon (easily 5 to 6 hours) and was a very tedious and manual activity. Which ID will do this with you out of their own time? We were very touched by the effort and by her going the extra mile for us.
    We appreciate the little touches, attention to detail and excellent customer service provided by Yong Ping and her team and it truly made the entire renovation process a smooth sailing one. We were comfortable and felt very safe to leave our home in her hands.
    All in all, we had an excellent experience with FSI and would highly recommend speaking to them for any requirements you may have, be it home or office, and you should definitely engage Yong Ping as you won’t be disappointed!
    – Simin and Mason

  14. “Hi everyone! Trust me, this is not a sponsored post. Free Space Intent is highly recommended. My family and friends would strongly recommend Ms Liao Yong Ping. How we started out on our ID journey is pretty much like everyone else. We sourced online, called friends, seeked out contents through various portals. We had so many IDs calling us back and had arranged tons and tons of meet ups and visits as we planned to renovate our condo.
    And gosh there were so many IDs! Some drove flashy cars, some spoke in slangs. Pretty much all of them were out there to impress. (perhaps maybe even to oversell their capabilities.)
    Of all the IDs out there, we were most impressed with Yong Ping. Why? She simply focused on the most important thing to us – our son. My boy and her connected right away. And from start to finish, she never tried to put on any airs; nor did she push or overpromise. Everything felt right from the start.
    What was most remarkable about our journey was that the quality of Yong Ping’s work is top notch. She is dedicated, willing to fit our schedules (even meeting at 10pm! or later). She is always a ‘yes’ woman. When we tell her what we want, she will spend time trying to help us deliver our dream. Rather than focus on what cant be done or the cost of it.
    Going the extra mile? Check.
    Efficient and effective? Check.
    Customer first? Check.
    What more can I say? She delivered top quality products, efficiently on time, is responsible and will always put you first. She is transparent and never tries to hide hidden cost to make a quick buck. Let’s just say within a week of finishing our home, we engaged her again to renovate another project of ours. True story.
    Like any cheesy story, at this moment, we are friends. Our journey may have begun as an ID and customer, but we ended up being friends.
    Trust me. You won’t ever regret choosing Yong Ping.”




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