Rug it Up: 10 ways to be Smug when Your Friends come over

Want to spice up your home but not willing to blow your budget by doing a full-house renovation? No worries – upgrade your tired space with an area rug! This might seem like an obvious choice, but it often does not register in the minds of many.

An area rug is the perfect option because it can help to define spaces, add warmth and create the perception of a larger space. There are many different types of materials for rugs – wool, jute, cotton, polypropylene and many more – and each one holds its own set of benefits. Depending on how you feel, you can use the rug as the main focus of the space, add a soft feeling to the room or create a uniform color scheme.

Here, we have consolidated some of our favorite rug options for you to choose from.

Project by: Icon Interior

Scandinavian rugs are one of the most sought after today. Renowned for their simplicity and beauty, they provide an understated elegance. A low-pile Scandinavian rug provides warm functionality – they can be easily spot cleaned and have natural repellency to moisture, making it the perfect hassle-free choice.

Where to buy: Afforablestylefiles, $99  |  Bungalow55, $395  |  Castlery, $129

Project by: Versaform

Creating an industrial interior at home requires the creative combination of different types of furniture paired against a grey concrete background. A superb way is adding a bit of spice is through a bright, colorful geometric rug. This rug provides a perfect counterbalance to the grey undertones of the room.

Project by: Free Space Intent

This retro style rug, boosting an array of coloured hexagonal shapes, creates a surprising yet relaxed atmosphere. A perfect combination would be combing the carpet with a glass coffee table. This ensures that the beauty of the rug can be on display for everyone to see.

Where to buy: Nook & Cranny, $869  |  Nook & Cranny, $869 


Project by: akiHAUS

In a room where more storage space is needed, a cowhide rug can create a subtly luxurious but lived-in feel, without making the room look too cluttered. Cowhides are naturally resistant to dirt and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, making it an ideal choice.

Where to buy: IKEA, $399

Project by: akiHAUS

A rug with artistic details and elaborately rich colours can help to anchor any space, making it appear more cozy and welcoming. Demonstrate your impeccable taste by incorporating Persian textile in your seating area, helping your guests feel comfortable the minute they step in.

Project by: PIU Design

Anchor your living room with a iconic deep red Persian rug, against a more neutral color palette. By keeping the rest of your backdrop monochromatic, you allow the eye-catching rug to take the central stage, allowing it to capture the attention of anyone who walks in.

Where to buy: IKEA, $2,099  |  Hassan’s Carpets, $1,300

Project by: Mr Shopper Studio

A white, high-pile rug in your room can create a sense of luxury. While more effort might be required to maintain it, its posh, exquisite appearance will be a sophisticated addition to your home décor. Overlay your entire bedroom floor with this full and fluffy rug and we promise you will never want to leave this cozy room ever again.

Project by: Free Space Intent

The industrial interior boasts of an aesthetic that is raw, gritty and utilitarian all at the same time. A large, off-white rug can help to ensure that this “unfinished” edgy look exudes a degree of warmth, worthy of being called a home.

Where to buy: IKEA, $349  |  Originals, $3,000

Project by: Mr Shopper Studio

A soft, sheepskin rug at the corner of the room can help to create a new dimension over the wooden flooring. It provides the softest feeling rug you can ever put under your feet. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, this is the perfect choice for comfort and coziness.

Where to buy: IKEA, $19.90  |  Gabbeh Carpet, $180

Project by: Third Ave

A grey-scale, flat-weave rug provides a minimalist and elegant look by unifying furniture pieces together. It also provides few hiding spaces for food crumbs, and can be easily vacuumed, making it a great addition to the dining area.

Where to buy: Affordablestylefiles, $159  |  Departures & Arrivals, $390

Project by: Free Space Intent

A circle rug is perfect for balancing out the sharp angles in the room. This is quintessential for anyone with a small living area, especially in Singapore, as it creates the perception of a spacious room.

Project by: Charlotte

This black rug creates an ideal contrast with the wooden backsplash in the room, creating a perfect harmony to anchor the space. Connect your circular rug to a focal point in your space – dark grey arm chairs against a warm background – by choosing a colour of the same tone.

Where to buy: Affordablestylefiles, $485  |  Castlery, $75  | Maissone, $480  | IKEA, $159

Project by: Chapter B

Abstract polypropylene rugs are perfect for studio apartments. The abstract color hues add a spice of life to the apartment, and help to define open spaces. Additionally, they are perfect for anyone who wants to hold a house party. They also help to absorb and decrease noise as they soften the steps of tile flooring.

Where to buy: Finn Ave, $1,690  |  Hassan’s Carpets

Project by: Aiden-T

In a living room with a classic layout (where the sofa is up against the wall), the rug should just be big enough to reach the front legs of the sofa. Use a rug with tassels to create a somewhat relaxing and comfortable environment. You can opt for one with clean lines and geometric shapes to add character to your space.

Where to buy: Departures & Arrivals, $1,390  | Departures & Arrivals, $490

There are various options you can choose from while attempting to refresh your space. But few are as effective and fuss-free as rugs. Rugs not only provide an aesthetic appeal, they also provide soundproofing function, helping to dampen footsteps. What better way to have your friends over without your neighbours complaining?



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