A Safe Nursery for Your Little One

Maybe you and your significant other have just brought a beautiful newborn into this world or maybe you’re expecting soon and want to be fully prepared for the arrival of your darling child. Whatever your situation may be, having a secure, clean and aesthetically pleasing nursery room waiting for your little bundle of joy is something every married couple should consider.

A nursery functions as a one-stop place to store all your baby’s items so that they (hopefully) don’t clutter up the rest of the house. After all, babies can be a messy bunch. In addition, it gives the baby a place to sleep, or maybe even a place to put your baby so that you can sleep.

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It’s shocking how much one small human being can accumulate over time and you may soon be wishing that you’d allocated a standalone space in your home for all the toys, books, clothes, changing pads…etc. A nursery also helps you establish a level of privacy for you and your child, so you can do things like change, play with or feed your baby away from other people if necessary.

In light of this, a room for your child may prove useful in the long run for a variety of reasons. If you have the budget, a number of things can be done to design an environment that is both stylish and safe for the apple of your eye. Here are a few tips to help guide you along as you set up a secure and beautiful baby nursery for your precious child.

Checklist of essential items

There are some things that you’ll likely need to help set up your own baby nursery. Each of these items contains elements of either the safety or functionality that you should be thinking about when designing this particular room.

What’s a nursery without a crib? First and foremost, you should probably focus on this part of the room. A crib should be safe and comfortable as it is where newborns spend a large part of their time. Also, remember to give the crib a good shake to ensure that it is stable and sturdy before purchasing.

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Babies have a lot of clothing, toys, and supplies that shouldn’t just be lying around. Invest in good storage compartments to ensure that all items are neatly kept in place for a clean-looking room. You wouldn’t want your child to grow up in a cluttered place, would you?

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Diapers, wipes, lotions, and ointments are just some of the supplies you’ll likely need for your child. Make sure you keep them well organized in your storage compartments.

A secure ceiling fan doesn’t just help keep your baby comfortable, it may even prevent SIDS. A report seems to find that infants who sleep under a ceiling fan reduce their risk of SIDS by 72%. Having a ceiling fan also helps circulate air and the white noise is beneficial to the baby’s nightly rest.


Lighting for the nursery shouldn’t be too harsh, which is why a nightlight may be a good idea for safety and comfort, especially during late-night feedings. 

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A good nursing chair can be used to feed your baby comfortably and should allow you to lean with ease. A newborn can feed every hour, so make sure your seat isn’t too stiff or uncomfortable.

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What kind of lighting should I install?

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A soft glow can make the room seem warm and cozy while at the same time reducing the contrast between light and dark which prevents over-stimulation for your baby. Avoid halogens and exposed bulbs as these bright lights make babies uncomfortable. They may also prove hazardous if a toddler comes poking around. Instead, use shaded or diffused lights.

Of course, when you’re changing your baby’s diapers, it helps to have a little extra light. Use a decent number of lamps and fixtures to brighten the room when needed.

What colour scheme should I opt for?

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If you’re looking to add a little character and life to the room, consider incorporating color schemes that tell a story. If you want to differentiate your space from other bright and colorful baby rooms, you could turn your baby’s nursery into a design statement that is consistent with the rest of the home, either by adding a neutral color scheme like a soft pink base with wooden flooring or a prominently white room with slight hints of matching colors.

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Maybe you want your space to look more child-friendly? Use bursts of bright colors that can captivate your child as well as guests by mixing primary colors in a variety of shades and patterns or go beyond baby blue and pastel pink by drawing bold hues that reflect a colorful aesthetic. Infants see dark and light contrasts best so you’ll be stimulating your child’s brain.

Make sure you’re using safe paint for the nursery. Look for water-based products that contain zero volatile organic compounds. Zero VOC emission paints have less than 5 grams per liter of organic compounds. This is compared to 50 grams per liter (or less) in low VOC paint.

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How should I place my furniture?

Furniture should be arranged in such a way that it is both pleasing to the eye yet safe for the child. Arrange furniture in a way that makes sense and connects with the general flow of the room. Consider using small, colorful drawers that fit nicely on tall shelves to store supplies and items. Ensure they are securely stacked and out of reach to prevent minor accidents from happening.

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Ensure that shelves are stable enough that they don’t fall over, you might want to latch them against a wall just in case. Store toys in bins or boxes without lids or if they do have lids, make sure they have spring-loaded mechanical arms that prevent them from falling on your baby’s hand or trapping him/her if he/she climbs inside.

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Position your crib in a part of the room away from windows. Make sure it isn’t positioned in a place where light from outside might shine directly on your baby’s face as it might affect his or her sleep. In addition, it would be ideal to place the changing table for easy transfer to and fro.

What kind of decor can I use?

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Wallpaper can be used to do wonders for a baby’s room. Colorful patterns or soft colored strips in the four corners of the space can add baby-friendliness and make your nursery look more like one. You might also want to consider washable wallpaper, you’ll be thankful when that first pee spray hits the wall. Fun animal posters are also ideal but take extra precaution to ensure that these are mounted onto the walls securely.


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