Smart Storage for Small Apartments

For some suburban residences, being petite is an understatement, especially when it comes to apartments. Believe it or not, Singapore has its fair share of small spaces, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (that is, until the hoarding bug gets you and you run out of space to stash your mess).

As you tear your hair out over where to shove the items you can’t bear to part with, you might hear advice about throwing all your unnecessary junk away and really immersing yourself in minimalist living. Of course, not everyone has the nerve to throw stuff out (attachment can be a curse).

Who says a small home has to be cluttered by default? Some of the most beautifully crafted interiors can come about when space-savvy owners incorporate creative storage fixes into their compact homes. You can still maintain a lavish, yet clean interior with all your sentimental items by following these amazing hacks for smarter storage solutions.

Utilize wall-mounted seating

The power of the settee should not be underestimated. It doesn’t just make things more visually enticing. Other than functioning as a seat,  it can also be double up as extra storage. Many BTOs and resale apartments do come with built-in settees and if you’re one of those tenants fortunate enough to own such a unit, don’t miss out on the opportunity to make full use of it.

Project by: Icon Interior

Project by: Minimology

Also, settees aren’t just for comfort and in the case of a small apartment, they can also double up as a tool for storage planning. Turning the bottom half of your settee into a storage compartment frees up space in other spots. The size of your settee will, of course, determine its storage capacity so consider getting longer settees that allow for more storage options.

Project by: Minimology

Project by: Mr Shopper Studio

Project by: Free Space Intent

Consider raised platforms in the bedroom

Another stylish alternative to smart storage is to build elevated flooring in the bedroom or living area of your home as long as the height of the space allows for such modifications. Ultimately, this can serve as a tactic that increases the amount of storage available while maintaining a sense of interior efficiency.

Project by: KDOT Associate

Storing things under raised platform compartments can minimize excessive built-in carpentry on the walls which might otherwise make a room look cluttered and forced. Playing with vertical rather than horizontal expansion can help you retain the original symmetry of your home and this could be something you might prefer depending on your home’s layout.

Install a bed into your wall

Hiding your bed in the walls is also a clever tactic that you may consider. It’s probably one of the more common space-enhancing hacks for smaller homes. Essentially, it can create a cozier and slightly more breathable room. Mobility will be improved with a ‘less cluttered’ vibe, while achieving the same sense of freedom from unnecessary baggage.

Project by: KDOT Associate

Turn your walls into sneaky storage cabinets

Some of the best storage ideas are invisible and in many cases, you’ll want to implement a seamless solution that hides all the things that would otherwise be lying around pointlessly. Turning your walls into a clever assortment of storage cabinets help with this invisible compartmentalization approach. Concurrently, this can also make for some of the most creative and visually striking storage hacks.

Project by: akiHAUS

Project by: Mr Shopper Studio

Essentially, wall storage prevents a cluttered vibe from taking hold, especially if protruding cabinetry was your idea of freeing up space to begin with. Integrating walls with your storage solution can result in a more streamlined and cleaner execution, dealing with function and aesthetics at the same time.

Apply overhanging ceiling storage in the kitchen or dining areas

If you’re looking to free up space and simultaneously build a classier, more refined living environment, consider overhanging ceiling storage for your kitchen or dining areas. These sections of a home are arguably the busiest ones, which is why you’re probably going to want to declutter the kitchen worktop and assign a smart storage component that hangs over a table surface or anywhere else that’s convenient.

Project by: Versaform

You could display your wine collection (if you have one) or hang items that would otherwise be taking up too much space on your work surfaces. An overhanging ceiling storage can also add visual appeal to a space in general and keep your home looking distinct and sophisticated.

Project by: Free Space Intent

Make use of the tiniest nooks

Shelves don’t necessarily have to be long and horizontal. If it’s efficiency you’re looking for, then the narrowest nooks can suffice. You can turn them into small, quaint shelving corners for things like cookbooks or antiques. Always remember to take a step back and consider all the opportunities you have to optimize your storage.

Project by: Free Space Intent

Efficiency can meet creativity head on and result in a lavish interior that elicits gasps of delight. With a little imagination, you can make the most of your home’s storage.

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