A subtle art: Interior design in the age of IoT/Smart home tech

Project By: Aiden-T

Interesting strides are being made as the worlds of Interior Design and Smart Home Technology collide with a diverse range of exciting industries.

An actor I once knew told me that everyone considers themselves a valid critic of acting. To him, acting was what he called the subtle art.

Being an interior designer is sort of like being an actor. That actor was right in a sense but then again, theatre halls didn’t have IoT or smart devices.

It is estimated that more than 24 billion electronic devices will be connected through IoT by the year 2020.

Tim Bakke, the director of publishing for ThePlanCollection.com, a site devoted to new-construction housing plans says that it is common for young homeowners as well as mature buyers to be interested in IoT houses.

Project by: Beaux Monde

With the IoT (Internet of things) as well as smart home technology, you can now scratch your interior design itch even without a background in this subtle art.

In fact, with the sheer variety of IoT devices and applications coming out, we should really wonder why people need to have human relationships at all when they will be able to have such wonderful conversations with their fridge.

From traditional areas to nursing homes and high-tech hotels

Image Source: Pixabay

There’s a neighborhood in Beijing known for hutong (traditional narrow lanes or alleys) where, amid small, quaint homes bunched up around courtyards, something remarkable is happening.

A smart TV effortlessly slides walls across the house like something out of a sci-fi movie and when it’s time for work, an office space can be revealed by moving the beds.

Designed for a Chinese smart home company called Whaley as part of the Micro Hutong Renewal Project, the Baitasi House of the Future highlights disruptive developments in Interior Design.

Image Source: Youtube

High end meets high tech as the old-money world of multi-national hotel chains gets cozy with the future.

Samsung and Legrand got together with Marriott International in demonstrating their collective powers with an IoT infused hotel room.

The IoT Guestroom Lab enables you to use your voice or mobile app to start the shower at a specific temperature, set up a yoga routine on a full-length mirror and more.

Image Source: Travel and World Tour

More than just playthings for the tech-savvy and lover of gadgets, these technologies are especially pertinent when it comes to people that need special care or are unable to (or shouldn’t be made to) do everything themselves.

Where busy, working adults (as well as lazy bums) need smart homes to help them strike that ever elusive work-life flexibility (or just purely for novelty value), smart homes make much more sense when we talk about implementing them for the elderly.

Combined with health-monitoring tools and wearables, the ability to turn on the lights by telling them to come on can be a God send for many a senior citizen.

Project by: Neu Konceptz

Instead of just hacking away without any real knowledge or worthwhile experience, selecting the proper furniture and even location based themes.As you progress is something that you can learn through the game ’Design Home’.

With an element of social interactivity, a new update to the game empowers players with the possibility of borrowing items from your Facebook friends every 24 hours.

Pocket friendly (in more ways than you might think)

The importance of data that is being collected by IoT appliances can be a vital addition for you as well as the insurance companies that protect you and your home. Being able to detect when a part of the house is malfunctioning helps reflect value and give insurance companies the ability to make better decisions.

Project by: Cozy Ideas

Having a home automation system today is reasonably affordable (depending who you ask and where they stay). Despite this, there are probably a truck-load of people who may have thought that IoT was a pretty cool idea but never got around to automating their homes because of the supposed cost.

Well, the truth is that not only is it affordable to implement IoT in your house, it may even save you money in the long run through the use of energy saving tech.

The actual challenge lies in humanizing smart home technology because a home is exactly that, a home and there’s a stark difference between the cold, practical workings of technology and the warm, cozy confines of the place where you lay your head down after a long day.

Project by: Chapter B

As a consumer or home owner, it is important to knowledge up on the great examples of everyday automation. Spend your time reading and getting to know the developments that are set to be found in more and more spaces.

However, regardless of how much you think you know, there are some things that are better left to the professionals. Properly done, IoT systems can be complex designs that enable communication over a network by linking multiple devices throughout your house.

By being better informed on the subtleties of interior design in the age of tech, you will be better equipped to contribute to the process as well.












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