Transformation of this Dark, Cluttered Penthouse into Luxury Modern Chic-in a bright, open setting

Confronted with a dark, slightly cluttered and disorganized property, Mr Shopper Studio wholeheartedly took on the task of transforming it into a sophisticated home. The studio took charge in total makeover of the space which including all furniture and accessories sourcing and purchasing. The end result is magnificent and no one would like to miss peeking into this luxurious modern penthouse.

The original color theme that was in place consisted primarily of dark wood and black motifs. After being shown a few reference pictures of what the owner wanted, the company determined that the new direction would be a white, modern base with hints of light wood (giving it a wonderfully understated Scandinavian tinge).

In designing this unit at Riverplace, a calming, breathable environment was crafted to open up the previously enclosed unit, blending negative space with inbuilt and fixed compartments that were then neatly filled.

“Management of the space was done through the proposing of storage areas with the element of light wood confined mostly to flooring and to certain furniture while other parts of the property were adorned with clean, solid surfaces”, designer Ben explained.

An airy space infused with glimmers reminiscent of natural light, amid a lush, modern interior emerges as you enter.

Neutral colors blend in with the signature style that both parties had decided upon (white on wood) providing contrast and the setting for an abode that is easy on the eyes.

From the living area, a solitary throw rug aligns perfectly with the console cabinet on which the TV set is perched, providing a break from the soft tones of the wooden flooring. A lighter grey sofa was selected to blend into the modish design theme of this space; not to outshine but to complement.

Expertly crafted negative space brings focus to core design elements and gives off an aura of calm while a strong dose of concrete mixed in with pastel evokes a space where anything is possible.

Designer adopted uncluttered principle while designing this interior giving in mind that owners would love to have a clean and sleek space to call it home. Built-in storages can be; found everywhere in the corner of the house, in a subtler approach to keep the space looks organized.

The space is further enhanced through a tasteful mix of contemporary furnishings and high-end charm in a signature display of the understated elegance known to the fashion community as ‘stealth luxury’.

Colors and materials of the dining set selected meld in impeccably with this calming space. You won’t find awkward furniture which does not match the overall design theme here because everything had been thoughtfully taken care by the designer.

Magnificent use of shape guides the experience of the space, characterized by symmetrical grids, cylinders and curves with utility being a core feature.

Space in between dining and staircase has been diligently expanded and it can be further utilized as the kid’s playground. The monotonous design of all the storages and cabinetries defines the sleekness and stylishness with its structured lines. Wooden flooring paired with metallic and marble surfaces delineating the spaces seamlessly.

The renovation done throughout the space was extensive although some of the previous layouts were left intact such as the open concept kitchen where certain parts (such as the fridge position) were already quite fixed. Designer did some touch up on refurbishing the cabinetries by rearranging the storage sizes to accommodate owners’ need.

Following on from this prevailing style of using fixtures, here the kitchen is also characterized by pristine, smooth, almost porcelain surfaces which are spotlessly clean and beckon your hands to run across them. Dark colors are used sparingly with the fridge being one of the few conspicuous uses of black in the entire property.

Past the living area, dining and kitchen, the eyes are brought to rest on the stately winding staircase which takes center stage in the hall.

As you ascend the landing, steps crafted from earthy wooden tones greet you. These old railings of the staircase were replaced with tempered glass to create a modish vibe which make the interior to look splendid.

Small but cozy, the master bedroom inherits the neutral design style of the common areas. Light wooden bedhead with cove lights exude a comfy vibe to promote quality rest. Some colors were added on its accessories such as pillow and comforter so that the room will not be too muted in colors.

The bedroom was fitted with a simple but classy wardrobe and again, storage was added underneath the window.

The bathroom here was re-layout and the vanity made accessible to both husband and wife at same time, a layout reminiscent of hotel units.

Past the connection from the master bedroom (as well as another compartment resembling a walk-in wardrobe), the customized mural, pastel and overall blue theme of the kid’s room becomes fully visible, beautifully contrasting but at the same time fitting right in with the modern decor that permeates throughout yet another feather in the cap for Mr Shopper Studio.

Flecks of color pop and sizzle on the upper floor, breaking the subdued color scheme of the lower level.

Illustrated wall art featuring balloons and animals adorn the walls providing an inkling that a toddler lives here too.


A special thanks to http://www.mrshopperstudio.com/




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