Turn Your Bookshelf into a Remarkable Centerpiece

Bookshelves are very likely a common part of many homes in Singapore but a proper understanding of the humble bookshelf might be lacking. People may see them as nothing more than a functional element, an insignificant addition to a space’s default layout.

See that bland bookshelf sitting in the corner of your home? It could very well provide you with an amazing opportunity to spice things up.

Project by: PIU Design

Design is about solving problems and about making the most out of every element. If you’re willing to think outside the box, your bookshelf could be an outlet for your creativity and could be used to emphasize your interior’s main theme. It could also serve as a ‘prop’, used to fill up a vacant space in a stylish way.

Here are some tips to help you.

Opt for a full-height wall shelf

Project by: Third Ave

HDB flats can be pretty tricky with regards to space. What you could do is opt for a full height wall shelf to help maximise your storage space. 

Project by: PIU Design

Try including an irregular shaped bookshelf to liven things up. This interesting shape can also act as breakers of monotony, especially if your home is filled with things made out of similar shapes.

Include objects of interest

Remove the books from the bookshelves and what do you get? Shelves! With these, you can place almost anything that might be of particular interest. Try making space in order to add objects that catch the eye or captivate the senses in unique ways.

Project by: Icon Interior


You can turn a cluttered, style-less bookshelf into your living room’s showstopper with just a few tweaks. Random ornaments, decorative pieces or quirky little trinkets that you’ve gathered over the years can be put to good use as book dividers that create unconventional breaks in between reading material.

Project by: Free Space Intent

Potted plants can be great for inclusion on shelves. Consider a row of tiny green ferns held by pearl white vases. Plants can also help you bring a more organic approach to your living space.

Compartmentalise your storage

A little segregation can go a long way. Turn your bookshelf into a convenient and unorthodox storage utility by lining up rows of boxes and baskets or closing up sections of the shelf in unique ways to create a neat and tidy corner that unclutters your space and keeps things interesting.

Project by: Aiden-T

Keep children’s books and toys organised in a versatile, attractive basket on the bottom shelf for easy access or store things that you just can’t seem to stuff away.

Mix up book placement

Irregularity isn’t always a bad thing. Mixing up book placements can liven up the section where your bookshelf is located and make for a captivating focal point that’s as stunning as it is useful.

Project by: Aiden-T

Try stacking your books both vertically and horizontally to play with perspective and avoid clumping all the books together. Instead, try placing them on different parts of the shelf with breaks in between so you have space to add other interesting elements or leave blank.

Add metallics

If you’re looking to turn the elegance level up, consider mixing pieces of metallic objects in with the rest of the items on your bookshelf. This can bring a sense of luxury to your space.

Project by: Third Ave

Be sure to select either a set of warm metals like bronze and rose gold or cold metals like silver. Don’t combine the two spectrums together as this might cause a clash with regards to colour and texture and end up looking gaudier than you want. Sometimes the right combinations (such as blending shimmery metallics and mirrored surfaces with touches of deep blue or fierce red) can yield stunning effects.

Go for a shelf theme

Whether you like things playful and wacky or refined and sober, start thinking of a theme for your shelf that best suits your personality as well as the rest of the home. How about a luxurious two-storey shelf that you can use to exhibit fancy cutlery, sleek antiques or stunning visual pieces?

Project by: PIU Design 

You can store all your findings and collections from various parts of the world on one shelf, fill clear canisters with travel postcards, train tickets and foreign money, or incorporate trays filled with little mementos from museums and shells from the numerous beaches you’ve been to.

There are loads of things you can do to make your bookshelf exude style and originality. Group objects together and make your bookshelf a beautiful centerpiece rather than an afterthought. If you think you have a bookshelf that’s just waiting to be turned into a stunning shelfie, play around with various ideas until you get the right look and feel.

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