5 Trendy Statement Furniture Choices for a Stylish Singaporean Home

Looking to spice up your fashionable abode with some intriguing new furniture pieces? Every once in a while, the market will introduce innovative selections that homeowners in Singapore can implement to amp up their current interior. Whatever the vibe or style you’re going for, there are several interior additions that can contribute towards establishing the right ambiance and look.

Maybe you’ve just renovated your home and you’re on the hunt for an aesthetic that complements your direction or maybe you’re considering reinforcing your current theme by adding some extra zest.

Here are 5 trendy furniture options that you can consider.

Overhanging wall lights

You shouldn’t have to compromise on style because of a small space. By using a series of overhanging wall lights, you can save your flooring space for other elements. These wall fixtures can be great functional enhancements as well as statement pieces.

minimology, interior design singapore, renovation

Project by: Minimology

d marvel scale, interior design singapore renovation

Project by: D’Marvel Scale

19eightythree, interior design singapore renovation

Project by: 19 Eighty Three


Want to combine versatility with functionality and good looks? The PeggyBoard can cater to virtually any interior theme and includes an innovative and flexible structure. It is a utility furniture piece which can best be described as a shelf that allows you to change its layout according to your preferences and needs.

peggyboard, home decor singapore

peggyboard, home decor singapore

Picture credits to: The Peggyboard

A showpiece made from high quality European birch plywood with pegs and accessories that can be shifted around for an array of shelving options, design your own PeggyBoard to suit your functional as well as aesthetic needs.

American-style furniture

Does your interior lean more towards that elegant and homely vibe? Consider bringing American style furniture into the mix.

design neu, interior design singapore renovation

Project by: Design NEU

Largely encompassing a classic look and feel made up of diverse influences in style and texture, you can even bring a little Victorian edge to your contemporary setup through the use of furniture that features heavy proportions, ornate carvings, dark wood tones and tapestry seats. American pieces can add a unique sense of nostalgia to your interior and character to your spaces.

Transparent furniture

Feeling a little fun and quirky or maybe feel like slipping something unique into your ensemble of components? For an overall vibe that’s light and airy, consider transparent furniture because the best furniture for the job might just be the kind you can barely see.

juz interior, interior design singapore renovation

Project by: Juz Interior

free space intent, interior design singapore renovation

Project by: Free Space Intent

Some transparent pieces of furniture, on the other hand, are designed to look more futuristic and sleek. These options can bring a multi-layered sense of creativity to the way you approach your interior. Try adding a transparent chair or table to a small HDB space in order to allow for more seating capacity without the cluttered look that might typically follow.

free space intent, interior design singapore renovation

Project by: Free Space Intent

icon interior, interior design singapore renovation

Project by: Icon Interior

Accent armchair

Accent armchairs can help elevate practically any room through gorgeous aesthetics and substance. Choose those in striking colours to establish a calm neutral theme with a tasteful amount of contrast.

joey khu, interior design singapore renovation

Project by: Joey Khu

Looking to fuse elegance with that retro vibe? Marine or teal toned armchairs in unique shapes can stand as wonderful focal points.

areteculture, styling singapore

Project by: AreteCulture

Neutral coloured armchairs with risen wooden legs can help bring a sense of sophistication as well as intriguing aesthetics to the forefront.

fuse concept, interior design singapore

fuse concept, interior design singapore

Project by: Fuse Concept

What’s not to love about interior styling? It can be dynamic and exciting in equal measure through tasteful selection in furniture choice. Search for fashionable pieces like those on this list to keep your home up to date! Create spaces that you can be proud of and don’t forget to keep seeking out and exploring opportunities to be creative.

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