Finding the Right Sofa to Match your Home

When it comes to a good living room, a well-picked and well-placed sofa can be a defining focal point. In many instances, sofas can even make or break an interior’s aesthetic and functional appeal. Whether you’re going for Scandinavian chic or industrial minimalism, you can match different sofas with the various settings found in your home and capitalise on designs with complementary features.

It can be challenging finding the perfect sofa to fit your interior style as many factors will come into play. Here is a general guide on 7 different types of sofa for various interior schemes in Singapore.

Chesterfield sofa

If you’re looking to add a hint of classiness to your contemporary or eclectic home, the Chesterfield sofa is easily considered one of the most recognisable pieces of furniture in the world. It is often made up of luxury leather, deep buttoning, a low back and high arms, depicting a sense of elegance and sophistication.

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Project by: Free Space Intent

Leather sofa

When it comes to style and aesthetics, you should expect leather sofas to be high up on the list. Long-lasting, comfortable and flexible with regards to accommodating eclectic to modern approaches, you can add a low seated chestnut leather sofa to your communal space to accentuate cosiness. Opt for darker shades for a more sophisticated addition.

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Project by: Notion of W

Project by: Minimology

L-shaped sofa

Sofas can also be used to play with angles or to segregate bigger spaces into more than one section. A versatile L-shaped sectional sofa can add a sense of liveliness and depth to a room that might seem a little one-dimensional. In terms of functionality, you can also expect that there’s going to be an increased capacity with regards to the number of people it can cater to. 

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To help foster a warmer ambience, top it up with a couple of throws and comfy pillows or choose a soft neutral coloured L-shaped sofa to go with your living room rug.

Project by: Aiden-T

Scandinavian-Modern sofa

Scandinavian furniture encompasses beauty in simplicity, often incorporating soft textures, gentle aesthetics and innovative designs to seamlessly match an interior’s theme. If you’re going for a clean Nordic, modern look that’s in dire need of a centrepiece, then consider a quaint Scandinavian couch with double-layered armrests and a wide base.

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Project by: akiHAUS

Project by: akiHAUS

Minimology, modern interior design Singapore, renovation

Project by: Minimology

Mid-century sofa

Mid-century sofas can offer a unique, dramatic and curvaceous profile that combines contemporary simplicity with modern elements. This design roughly depicts a style and essence borrowed from the middle of the 20th century so if you’re interested in bringing some nostalgic beauty to your space, consider this option as it can be incredible.

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Project by: 19 Eighty Three

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Project by: Free Space Intent

Wooden trim sofa

For an added luxurious vibe, choose a wooden trim sofa that features accentuated wood-based highlights for its curves and edges, coupled with meticulously patterned, soft layered cushions that are fit for royalty. If you’re leaning more towards the rustic theme, consider simpler options with thin legs and high wooden armrests that can go incredibly well with a couple of throw pillows.

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Project by: Minimology

Contemporary sofa

Choose unconventional contemporary sofas that features thin wooden structures and simple colour schemes for a cleaner look. Consider deep buttoned cushioning and leather material if you are going for the retro look.

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Project by: Versaform

Project by: Versaform

Take into account existing elements throughout your space that can complement your new sofa choice or pick an option that sets the tone for your entire setup. Either way, a beautiful sofa can be a great way to boost the aesthetic and functional appeal of your home.

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