The PeggyBoard: A simple, innovative and stylish shelving solution

Have you ever felt a need for more multi-functional storage that looks great and enhances convenience? In a sea of monotonous styles and approaches that often seem overdone and boring, innovative elements can lead to amazing interior design and help your space stand out.

Enter the PeggyBoard!

peggyboard, home decor Singapore

This simple yet superbly effective solution combines versatility and functionality. It’s a utility furniture piece designed with the needs and preferences of homeowners in mind.

Made from high-quality European birch plywood, these PeggyBoards come in a wide range of sizes, utility pegs and accessories that come together to provide a whole host of shelving options.

peggyboard, Singapore home decor

peggyboard, home decor singapore

Equipped with symmetrical insertions that accommodate surfaces in any direction, the PeggyBoard promises strength and beauty as a showpiece that can be changed to suit your needs. Why grow tired of the same old shelf layout?

This incredible pegboard idea was the brainchild of Singaporean founder Aaron who decided that there should be a consumer-friendly, easily accessible and heavily-versatile alternative to the typical commercial standard issue pegboards often found in the market. The PeggyBoard came about with a vision to help ensure that every home in Singapore (and beyond) is “peggy-fied” to its fullest potential.

peggyboard, home decor singapore

Basic Peggyboard

peggyboard, home decor Singapore

Cloud Peggyboard

As of now, the PeggyBoard is the first of its kind in the entire nation of Singapore. You can enjoy a diverse range of board types, from basic-square shaped options to magnetic writable selections and fun, creative shaped series. Aaron was also inspired by his 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son to concoct a range of adorable animal-shaped boards, which homeowners can now use in the rooms of their little ones.

peggyboard, home decor singapore

Rax Peggboard

peggyboard, home decor singapore

Aurora Peggyboard

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the PeggyBoard is the accessories, which are available in various shapes and sizes for you to customise according to your own preferences and purposes. Planning to place larger decor pieces on your PeggyBoard? Choose from a range of large basic shelves or moon shelves for enhanced aesthetics. Magazine racks, stair shelves and bookend shelves are also available for homeowners who plan on adding plenty of reading material to their spaces.

peggyboard, home decor singapore

peggyboard, home decor singapore

peggyboard, home decor singapore

If you’re feeling a little creative, consider an assortment of other pegs and accessories such as succulent trays, magnetic writable surfaces, pentagon pegs, curly pegs and many other uniquely shaped shelving components.

peggyboard, home decor singapore

Hexi Peg

peggyboard, home decor singapore

Half Moon Shelf

peggyboard, home decor singapore

Wave Hook

PeggyBoard is also willing to create original, customised pegboards (upon request) for individuals who want something a little different. Peggyboards for commercial use can also be produced. Leave a message or contact the PeggyBoard team for more information on how you can order yours: www.peggyboard.com

All Photos Credit to: Peggyboard

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